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  1. Arkwright

    Wheel stud removal and fitting

    that's how I've done it too.
  2. Arkwright

    Will they fit through members letterboxes

    like it, stamps intact.
  3. Arkwright

    Do you/have you commuted in the Z

    don't forget to check your insurance. Many classic policies now specifically exclude travelling to and from work and carrying tools of your trade.
  4. Arkwright

    The big 50 is coming

    I am willing to book the Z - Fest venue again at Nottingham. It was always regarded as a central point in the country and I think we held around six very successful events there. There is plenty of camping and two good toilet blocks. There are now additional bunk rooms for those too old to...
  5. Arkwright

    worth a watch

    Oh dear! A nice set of films, some nearly as fast as Our Ben
  6. Arkwright

    Newbie in a way

    welcome back Trish.
  7. Arkwright

    just bought a 280zx

    Hey Trish, good to see you've bought a proper Z at last, well done. You will probably recall from JAE that I've got a black one. Super cars. hope you and the sisters are all ok and glad to see you're still in circulation.
  8. Arkwright

    Urgent Rear View Mirror Advice Needed

    you must have two rear view mirrors. One must be on the drivers side, the other can be either on the nearside or in the same position as a car rear view mirror on the screen however if there are no rear windows that won't work. If you have rear windows you are ok with the central mirror. If...
  9. Arkwright

    New to site & Z cars

    Z32 sills are difficult to obtain and buggers to repair. Try Mike above but if you want someone to do the job and make a top spec repair of it try Allan on 07817 690463 Bodymech Thames St Ind Estate bulwell NG6 8HW. not too far for you to travel.
  10. Arkwright

    280ZX exhaust

    I suppose that now I'm a pensioner / 280zx 2+2 owner all I am concerned with is economy. I'm not bothered about performance or lack of it. I just love the car.
  11. Arkwright

    sub 40 second run

    good to see the young girls keeping the Old Girl performing. Keep the news coming. It's time they joined The Club
  12. Arkwright

    Nissan Design Centre Invitation

    I would like to go but it's a long way and I presume the London pollution zone or whatever it's called will need to be factored in
  13. Arkwright

    ZFarm still trading ?

    Do we still have a TLO? The last post on at least one of those is 10 years old!
  14. Arkwright

    Car SOS

    if anyone's still awake it's on again at 0100 national geographic channel 266 on virgin
  15. Arkwright


    I don't think so but if Carlsberg did.................................
  16. Arkwright


    Very best wishes again Mike. I hope things continue to improve for you and pleased the kindle is alleviating the excitement of hospital life.
  17. Arkwright

    Japfest 2016 provisional attendance list

    Top Man 370Ad. Good to see some new blood involved in organising an event. A Great Z Day
  18. Arkwright

    Japfest 2016 provisional attendance list

    don't forget all the 240's 260's and 280zx's. Must have been the best turn out since the Silver Parade.
  19. Arkwright

    Japfest 2016 provisional attendance list

    Ian, I have a second hand drivers side front wing in reasonable condition if you are interested. PM me for details.
  20. Arkwright

    Japfest 2016 provisional attendance list

    perhaps the ticketing people will act as targets:D