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  1. Robotsan

    MSA 6 to 1 headers any good?

    I've watched a lot of US youtube videos of cars with the MSA 6 into 1 headers installed, and to me at least, they all sound great. I don't know if its just my imagination or not, but they all seem to have certain high-pitched scream to them compared to other systems. I haven't scientifically...
  2. Robotsan

    "3 Reasons The Cheapest Datsun Z Is The One To Have"...

    I mean, obviously I agree... I like this guy's channel though, he gets loads of really quirky old classics on. Is the owner of this car on here? What a find... 18k on the clock.
  3. Robotsan

    Steering wheel options?

    My incoming 280z had a nasty 80s leather cover glued to it - see pic, so I think the wheel is done for. I'm torn between a wooden Nardi wheel (as I've never had a car with a wood wheel before) or a Datsun Competition wheel to keep it OE. I have a few questions though - 1. It looks like you...
  4. Robotsan

    What difference does an inch make? (Fnar-fnar)

    Excuse my clickbait title. I'm talking wheel inches.. Basically I'm torn between buying Konig Rewinds from the states (as can buy them now and they'd come over on the car when shipped), as they will be about £380, or Rota RKR from the UK (about £612). I was completely sold on the Konigs, but...
  5. Robotsan

    Advice needed on getting all work done by 1 garage..

    Hi all, I'm planning out the order of the work I want to do on my 280z when it finally arrives, and just have some questions for you more experienced chaps. The car currently has the classic 4x4 look now the weighty bumpers have been removed: I'm planning to go down the BC coilovers...
  6. Robotsan

    Can I buy paint for my 76 280z?

    When my car arrives, one of the first jobs I'm planning to do is paint the floors. As the car is silver I'm thinking just painting it with POR15 silver, but then I'd like to paint over that with as near a match to the OEM Sterling Silver Metallic 306 code as possible. Is it possible to buy a...
  7. Robotsan

    Help with MSA / Zstore order - pay by wire transfer?

    Hi, I'm trying to make an order with MSA, but they've said a first order made from abroad has to be paid via bank transfer. That's fine, but I've got 2 issues: 1.) My bank (Lloyds) say that I need to tell them who Union's 'Correspondent Bank' is, in the US. This is because Union are a smaller...
  8. Robotsan

    Various questions on interior

    Possibly getting a bit ahead of myself here as I likely won't even see the car until July.. but just thinking about some of the interior jobs I'll be doing and wanting to get some advice. But here's a pic of the inside of the 280 I'm buying from Mike, so you can see why I'm thinking ahead about...
  9. Robotsan

    Are these the right vinyl trims?

    Are these trims from MSA the right pieces to cover these parts? Both of these needed surface rust grinding off and treating. I'll be painting the floor body colour eventually, but if these trims go here, I'll just order them to come over with the car now.
  10. Robotsan

    Which seals am I likely to need?

    Hi all, I'm importing a sunbaked 280z from California (this one), and as I won't be painting the car for a few years I'm thinking maybe I'll get some rubbers and weatherstrips/seals now with the car. Or is this a bad idea as they need to be glued down, and won't be able to be used again when...
  11. Robotsan

    Is £849 a good price for BC Coilovers now?

    Just doing some shopping in advance of the 280z's arrival, and as I know BC coilovers will be one of the things I definitely want, I started looking for some.. Seems they're now around £1k on average, so would this be a good deal now...
  12. Robotsan

    Cheapest repro 240z indicators?

    Are these really the cheapest aftermarket repro 240z / euro style front indicators?!
  13. Robotsan

    Seat upholstery kits

    The car I'm looking at buying is in dire need of an interior refresh, so I'm considering having one of these upholstery kits from the Z Store shipped over with it: Firstly, has anyone used them and are they any good? Secondly, I really fancy...
  14. Robotsan

    240z Vs 280z questions (not the usual ones!)

    Apologies in advance - I'm still asking questions and generally mithering you lot for answers, and I've still not bought a Z! But - I've now driven a 73 240z, and I liked it a lot. It was as cool, great sounding and exciting to drive as I hoped - but also as rattly, noisy and smelly as I...
  15. Robotsan

    What will Z prices do over the next 12 months?

    Hi all, What do people think the effect of a mini (we hope) global recession might be on the prices of Z's and classic cars in general? We've all seen prices climb exponentially over the last 5 years or so, and particularly in the last 2 years. But will a recession affect prices? I feel like...
  16. Robotsan

    Are chrome alloy piston rings bad?

    Hi all, I'm looking at a 73 240z which had an engine rebuild a few years ago - inc a reconditioned N42 (I *think) head, but also chrome alloy piston rings were installed instead of the standard (cast iron?) ones. I spoke to the mechanic who looked after the car for several years (he didn't do...
  17. Robotsan

    What parts to import with a car?

    Hi all, I'm considering importing a 280Z from the US. Obviously a lot of parts are cheaper to buy from the US and stick in the car at this point, but my budget is going to be limited so I can't decide which items are best to choose. Obviously the bigger items are probably the most essential in...
  18. Robotsan

    White auto 240z with racing history ebay

    I'm just doing some Z procrastinating while I should be working.. but I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this auto 240z?: It's either an original French car, or a US import into France. But it has some FIA stuff with it and an old photo which...
  19. Robotsan

    10k auto 280z on ebay

    This seems like a pretty solid car, although they've not really provided great photos of the common rust areas. It's an auto (despite being seemingly fitted with a manual stick), which got me wondering, what kind of costs would I be looking at to convert to manual, say with a 200zx box...
  20. Robotsan

    US 240z on eBay for £45k £45k seems steep for a LHD car, but I guess if it's a genuine 21k miles and the condition is as good as it looks, that's realistic? No mention of whether the mileage is verified in the ad. Very rare interior too I imagine?