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  1. woody

    260z280z 2+2 Floors for sale

    I have a late 280z 2+2 that i`me cutting up, the floor pans are in good order . Drop me a line and i`ll send photos
  2. woody


    Hi all I have a chap who wants to buy one of my floor pan kits for his z and he as asked if i can recomend a good welder to fit these for him; as i am based in Thirsk north yorkshire and he is down in Essex i wonderd if any of you guys new anybody who could fit his pans.
  3. woody

    Vented Discs and 4 Pot Callipers

    4 Pot Callipers and 270mm Vented Disc Kit to fit 260z hubs Kit includes 2 x Callipers, 4 Pot ( direct fit ) 2 x Vented Discs, 270mm Brake Pad set 4 x Brake Pad Pins and 4 R-clips You will need to use a wheel spacer, I fitted a set of standard 280zx 14'' wheels using a 5mm spacer. PM me if your...
  4. woody

    260z/280zFront Vented Disc and 4 Pot Calliper Set Up

    Hi all Are any of you guys interested in a vented disc and 4 pot calliper set up for the 260z/ 280z. I`ve been working on this on and off for months now and will have a kit sorted in the next two or three weeks, I`me trying to sort some for the 240z but even harder, may need to use a spacer...
  5. woody

    Replacement Battery Tray

    Hi all Just wondered if you guys wouldn't mind giving me a little feedback on this battery tray, its a universal one bought off the net with a few mods to make it bolt into a converted 240z. I was thinking of duplicating these and adding it to the list of panels that I produce for the Zs, Tell...
  6. woody

    Prototype Bulkhead Panel

    Getting started on the Bulkhead panel now, Just a few points to change on it before we get it right. Should be fitting one in to a left hand drive to convert it to right hand drive in the next few weeks. This panel is just a prototype but i thought i would let you have a look anyway
  7. woody

    Left to Right Pedel Box

    Taken from a Lefty and converted for Right Hand Drive
  8. woody

    Heater Conversion Left to Right

    Here we have a heater set up from a left hand drive Z converted to work on the right
  9. woody


    Hi all, Looking for ideas on a power rack for 240/260, any ideas ?
  10. woody

    Conversion Stuff

    Hi all, just finished the reinforcing panel, the Bulkhead panel is on its way:thumbs:
  11. woody

    Conversion stuff

    Hi all havent been on the site for long, been biulding Zs for some years now and done quite a few left to right conversions. As we all know the right hand drive donor cars are far and few between these days , so to make life a little easier for people who want to swap left to right as from next...