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  1. zpuppy

    Canadian Zpuppy

    Hi all ! Miss you all loads ! Am now back in southern Ontario Canada and hunting down another Z This time its gonna be an S30 ! Hope everyone is well and happy and will keep checking in :-) :driving:
  2. zpuppy

    Z31 facelift interior and body parts Free

    Hey folks, evrything seems to be falling apart here,so i have a shed full of parts ,interior trim ,rear seats dash trim parts etc including seals and such gimme a bell cus it's gotta go :(
  3. zpuppy

    **** !

    Had to drive up to Henley for the brewery this aft and when I got back I must have forgot where I put the Pub, cus I went and drove into the ****** didn't I ! :eek::o damage to front nearside nose cone , doesn't look bad, but ive shoved it out of alignment,,,,one nose cone off and redo in the...
  4. zpuppy

    Z31 wheel choices

    Ok, as most of you who have seen our car know it does sit on an original set of 16" Nissan skyline 5 spokes. 16x6.5 jj 40 with the wheel spec 5 x 114.3 to be exact. Trouble is they are way to tucked in under the car,,it looks like an old porsche speedster ! :eek: The 40 designation on the rim...
  5. zpuppy

    Le Mans Tickets up for grabs

    From one of our local car clubs, I wish I could make it !!:eek:
  6. zpuppy

    wanted diff and mounts for z31

    Need a diff and mounts for z31 auto na 2+2. Urgent , as mine is on the way out and gotta get to japfest ! :D:driving:
  7. zpuppy

    z 31 Diff sloppy

    Just noticed today that ive developed a "clunk" from the dif area when either on the loud pedal or coming off it,,, Ive heard from a few people in the club that the dif itself is pretty strong so is it the bush and mount or do I need a rebuild?? Before silly answers! I got underneath today and...
  8. zpuppy

    South East Meet April 1st

    April 1st Meet up at the Elephant & Castle Hurst , Berkshire. RG10 0EH . Dedicated parking for 12 to 15 cars at the front of the pub + Excellent Sunday lunch served at reasonable prices. Let me know soon as possible so I can give pub approx numbers ( They will cordone off the front parking...
  9. zpuppy

    Poly Bush (complete)

    Hi Folks ! Just finished the install of the complete poly bush set yesterday and will post up some piccies of the finished items on here . It may be helpful to others doing or thinking of doing the same job. Had my mechanic at Citromech here in Wokingham do the job (they are the best ive used )...
  10. zpuppy

    One for the Bacon lovers

    Two Mexican outlaws are stuck in the desert, wandering aimlessly and close to death. They are close to just lying down and waiting for the inevitable, when suddenly.... "Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell. Ees bacon, I is sure of eet." "Si, Luis, eet smells like bacon to mee." So, with...
  11. zpuppy

    New Log Books !

    Anyone seen the new log books yet?? Same ol format cept acroos the front in a bright blue band it says " This Document Is Not Proof Of Ownership" :eek: Phoned DVLA to enquire and was told "we dont care who owns the vehicle" :eek::eek: WTF !! :rolleyes:
  12. zpuppy

    z31 auto to manual swap

    Ive been trolling the site for ages looking for info on an auto box to manual swap for early z31 na. Cant seem to find anything of use however, anyone ever been there? and most important any advice? :D Im gonna be doing a complete bushing change including rear subframe and diff so thought...
  13. zpuppy

    Annoying clunk

    Hi all,, just developed what I think is a u-joint problem in the prop shaft , are they available from the normal manufacturers? ( spicer,et al ) Bad clunk shifting out of first on hardish acceleration. It's an auto n/a btw. :D Also thinking it could be the diff mount or one of the rear half...
  14. zpuppy

    convertible 240z ?

    Advert from a garage in the Bristol area regarding a pristine 240z 1972 Convertible??? I didnt think they existed although it is a left hooker . Just thought id post to see :confused::confused: their only asking £15995.00 :eek:
  15. zpuppy

    1972 240z Factory service manual

    Again due to the size of the file either PM me or email and I'll pass it along promptly :)
  16. zpuppy

    Z31 Factory service manual

    Entire contents thereof :) As the file is rather large, (about 5 times bigger than the allowed size ) PM me or email I'll gladly pass it along :driving:
  17. zpuppy

    membership dues ?

    Not that I'm :beatdeadhorse: folks, but I dont wanna miss out on the new club calendar for 2011 and i'm still showing as a non paid up member ! Don't really care to be honest, I'd donate the money and remain black ( as long as i get my paws on the calendar) :D :rolleyes: :driving: :cheers:
  18. zpuppy

    Road tax decrease

    How many out there have had their road tax drop signifigantly since last renewal ? Im not bitchin but mine has gone from around £180 for 6 months to today £112.75 for 6 :eek: Nothing has changed to my circumstances or the cars except for improvements so im just wondering if i missed a change...
  19. zpuppy

    Rear brake rotors

    Hi all, I'm gettin rather desperate for rear brake rotors and pads for a pre facelift Z31,,,Ive sorted the fronts thanks to Mr F :thumbs: ( and a lot of other stuff as well ) ! Cant find rear brake kit anywhere and damned if Im gonna spend the money to get them cast and machined :eek: Im...
  20. zpuppy

    Another Z31 resto

    Hi all ! Mine just went off this aft for about 6 to 8 weeks for a complete strip and metal refurb plus a nice laquer spray :D It wasn't planned really as I was looking forward to Japfest and the track time, however the guy doing the job had a car delayed and it was such a good deal I jumped;)...