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    New RHD Steering racks?

    Has anyone looked into having a batch of these remanufactured?
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    Does anyone know this Z?

    Spotted at a Nottinghamshire car meet
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    Best reference books for 240Z please?

    Hi all As I don't know a great deal about these cars I would really like to read up on them so I can understand how the cars changed throughout production. Hopefully this will help me when looking at a potential purchase. Also any books on restoration would also be very useful. Many thanks
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    Any 240z owners in Nottinghamshire please?

    Hi all Are there any club members in my area please that would be kind enough to let me have a look at their car? If they have converted one from LHD to RHD even better as I would love to see how it was done and discuss what was entailed. I am in Calverton Nottinghamshire and have been...
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    LHD to RHD 240Z

    Hi all What parts are needed please to convert a LHD car to RHD? I it still even possible now the items are getting harder to find? What is the going rate pricewise for the relevant parts please? Looking for a project car and just considering options at the moment to any advice would be most...
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    Hello again after 12 years looking for advice please!

    Hi all. I was last on here 12 years ago when seeking advice about a low mileage 260Z 2+2 I was going to see. I didn't buy the car in the end as I was suspicious of the freshly applied liberal coating of underseal plastered all over the underside of the car hiding God knows what! So many...
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    Convert shell to RHD?

    As there are an awful lot of rusty Z's in the UK have many of you used a USA rust free shell to restore your cars? If so what is entailed? Regards
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    Viewing a 260z 2+2 tomorrow!!

    I am hopefully going to see a one owner low mileage 260z 2+2 tomorrow and wondered if anyone of you kind petrolheads out there might give me a few pointers on what I should look out for? Are these cars significantly less desirable/valuable than the 2 seaters? Regards Ash
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    Hello to all!

    I have just joined the forum to learn more about 240/260z as I may be interested in a 2 seater model in the future. Ironically I live in Calverton Notts but have just found out you had your Z festival there last weekend! Just my luck to miss out on it!! I know nothing really about these...