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  1. zedboy

    What's it worth???

    I have reached the reluctant decision that my 350Z is going to have to go later this year. We now have 2 children and a dog! and the 350 is a bit of a squeeze:D However, I am uncertain as to how much it is worth??? Help!!! I have searched the Internet and the prices vary dramatically, so I...
  2. zedboy

    Help!!! Track day insurance

    Can somebody please suggest a company that will provide reasonably priced track day insurance!? It's for JAPFEST next week. I usually get it through my insurance (Lancaster), but I've changed insurers this year and they don't offer it. (DOH!!!) Thanks:thumbs:
  3. zedboy

    Insurance for 240 & 350

    My 240 and 350 are both due for renewal. Anyone got any suggestions of good insurers?:confused: My current insurers for the 350 no longer insure this class of car :eek: and my 240 price has jumped up (still cheap tough- however, I live in Yorkshire now so need to find a Yorkshire...
  4. zedboy

    240Z in Retro Cars

    As many of you are aware I took my 240Z on photoshoot for Retro Cars. My car features in this months edition! It's a good write up and in general I'm very pleased with it. :thumbs: They took about 300 pictures and personally I would've chosen different pictures- BUT who am I? The bloke that...
  5. zedboy

    240Z Carpets

    I need to replace my front 240 carpets. Where is the best place to get them from?:confused:
  6. zedboy

    350 Hands Free

    :eek:Could somebody please help me!!! I don't know how to programme numbers into my 350 hands free. Every time I press the phone icon on the steering wheel it rings bloody tinkerbell (the talking clock!):confused:
  7. zedboy

    BUXTON Model Car Shop owners

    HELP!!! I know that one of the Z club members owns a car model shop in Buxton. I don't know their name, but would like to get in touch with them. They own a blue 300ZXTT. Can anybody help?:eek:
  8. zedboy

    HELP ipod for 350Z

    Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to have an ipod docking station wired into a 350? Suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.:bow:
  9. zedboy

    260Z in Retro

    The article on Steve's amazing 260Z (Z32 engine) is in this months edition of Retro. The pictures are awesome! NICE ONE STEVE:thumbs:
  10. zedboy

    Finally i've got a 350z

    A bit sad- I know, but couldn't wait to tell you all that I am FINALLY the very proud owner of a 350Z.:D For those of you that know me, will know I've been looking for the last few months (Thank you all for your patience- I know I've been a pain in the arse!). I'm very picky and have seen loadsa...
  11. zedboy

    300ZXTT on Snickers advert

    Has anybody else spotted the white 300ZXTT on the new snickers advert? Or am I the only saddo?:D
  12. zedboy

    RETRO CARS is back!

    :thumbs:WOO HOO!!! RETRO CARS MAGAZINE IS BACK:thumbs: I have just bought the first issue of the all new Retro Cars magazine! It's great! I was disappointed, as I know many people were, when they decided to cut this magazine. I like this magazine because it covers the sort of cars I love and...
  13. zedboy

    1996 Magazine

    Does anybody have a copy of the 1996 Retro Car magazine that features an article on the 240Zs, that they would be willing to sell or loan (to get copied!). It's the one with 6 Z's at Bruntingthorpe (MBD 219K, MGT 360L, LRD 621L, SCK 196L, OMT 868K, LYX ***K) I bought an old copy of a Z club...
  14. zedboy

    How much is Road Tax for a 350Z?

    Does anybody know how much a years road tax is for a 350Z?:conf2:
  15. zedboy

    How many Cheshire Plainz members does it take to change an engine?

    The engine on my Z was f#!**d. I love my Z, but I'm not mechanically minded at all, so I'm lucky enough to be good friends with some people that are. After many discussions, texts etc etc and a head gasket and several hours, we came to the decision that the easiest thing to do was to replace my...
  16. zedboy

    DBA at Castle Combe

    Somebody has told me they think the DBA (noise level) is now down to 90 at Castle Combe. It was already low when it was 100!!! Has anybody else heard this? Or does anybody else have any more info? If that is true, then most Z's won't be able to go on the track!!!
  17. zedboy

    Category D 350Z

    I'm interested in buying a 350Z in a few months time, so I've started to check out prices UK vs Import, insurance prices etc etc. I've come across a 350, category D for sale. What are peoples opinions??? Are they worth avoiding, or are they a bargain? It has been repaired by Nissan. How much...
  18. zedboy

    Jeremy's Z shirt on TOP GEAR

  19. zedboy

    Cheshire Plainz Christmas Party 2007

    :santa: A big thank you to Brian and Brenda Baker for organising the Cheshire Plainz Christmas Party. It took place in Blackpool at the Haddley Hotel. People in attendance were: Brian and Brenda, Dave and Nicola, Mark and Emma, Mark and Gill, Mike and Becky, Brian, Colin and Lou, Steve and...
  20. zedboy


    Just thought some of you you would be interested to know that my 240Z is featuring on the Used Car Roadshow on ITV4 tonight at 7pm. Sorry for the late posting, but I have only just found out it is being shown tonight. It is also repeated on Saturday. It is on the Teenage Kicks section...