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  1. Rushingphil

    UK RHD 240z restored for £45k

    Just seen this: Known to anyone on here - I don't think it's been discussed before...
  2. Rushingphil

    How do I add photos and then text?

    Sorry for being dense, but how do I add text, then a photo, then more text, another photo etc? I see plenty of people can do it, but so far I've only sussed out how to add all the pics together by using the Upload a File function! Thanks in advance!
  3. Rushingphil

    Vertical C of G on a 240z for a Rotisserie

    Had a search, read lots of posts and seen plenty of pics but can't find the above. Clearly having the pivot point as close as possible to the vertical C of G will make it easier to rotate and put less strain on the pin. I've read that Ben240z has his pivot point 960mm above ground level. I'm...
  4. Rushingphil

    Engine Wiring Loom Removal

    Quick question please as my searches have been fruitless. Pull the loom from the interior into the engine bay, or the other way round? The former looks easier but I'm not sure if all the connector blocks will fit through? Thanks in advance!
  5. Rushingphil

    Wheeler Dealers Zed program on now

    For those who haven't seen it before - it's presently showing on Quest. Will be on Quest +1 in 20 mins
  6. Rushingphil

    240z RB26 on ebay

    Holy Cow, I better get cracking with 'my' RB26 project :D...
  7. Rushingphil

    Engine removal - why drain oil?

    About to remove my engine. The manuals say to drain the oil first. But why do I need to or am I being dense? Only reason I can think of is because of the steep angle required. Many thanks Phil
  8. Rushingphil

    UK 240z £23k 95% complete

    Pondo linked this in the thread UK 240z a good buy or not? So I thought I would give it its own thread - owner on here? looks what I want to acheive other than the interior..
  9. Rushingphil

    Avocado Green 1972 UK RHD 240z Project

    Having decided that my RB26 project was a step too far for me, I viewed and bought the following: - thanks for the link Mr Tenno. Lets hope it's closer to a steal than a massive money pit, but I doubt it :rofl:
  10. Rushingphil

    Goblin Works Garage 240z restoration 1700 on Quest tonight

    Never seen or even heard of this series before, but might be worth watching........
  11. Rushingphil

    Unexpectedly acquired an RB26 240z project!

    So, having posted a quick intro in the New Members section, I thought I would start a proper build thread here. For those that may not have seen my intro, this is what I have acquired: As this has come completely out of the...
  12. Rushingphil

    Unexpectedly acquired an RB26 240z project!

    Hi all, Joined the The Z Club a couple of months ago and, having met a few of you fine Gents at The Jap Performance Show last week, thought I better introduce myself and my new project. Firstly, I'm (according to my wife) the father of Jay. on here who owns an RB25 powered 240z, and it's...