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    Not sure if it’s been discussed on here but there’s a blue 2+2 for sale on eBay for wot looks like sensible money also panel alignment isn’t too bad considering some we see with a much higher asking price
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    Anyone going next week 9 th July ,couple of us are going again
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    Matching green

    Matching green classic car show 3/7/22 A show where your not surrounded by imprezas and novas but just nice proper classic cars although it might’ve changed a little since the last time three years ago due to the so called virus its a nice little show where I use to organise the Z stand and we...
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    280z asking price a fiver under 60k,am I behind the times I know I’m getting old but FM,At least the panel gap is reasonable compared to some others we’ve seen recently for sale,looks a nice car though
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    260z for sale

    On Fleabay 260z asking top money,your thoughts on this one,
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    FREE: Garage worktop

    Got a kitchen worktop free to a good home,nicked a bit off the end but barring that it’s all there,good for bench in yer garage or it goes down the tip Herts/Essex based
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    Zed 2+2

    Looks like an honest 2+2 needing a little bit of work and putting back together for sale on eBay,just up road from me if anyone is looking for such car,if you are miles away I might be able to go have a nose
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    Parts wanted ,members only

    Guys just an observation but parts wanted only open to members when it could be stopping members getting that elusive part they have been looking for when non members are not able to offer parts for sale to members as well,members could be losing out, any sensible reason for this as it’s been...
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    Yellow 2+2 just come up on flea bay nice colour and all that, I’m not going to pick faults with it I’ll leave that to the usual lot but a fiver short of 40k.Am I missing something
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    Tunnel carpet

    Has anyone got the carpet that goes over the tunnel for a 260Z coupe that they don’t want or need ,need it for a pattern to get new carpet made up which is as near as original but better quality ,just need to borrow it for a few weeks,anyone restoring theirs might consider as don’t want to take...
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    Webuyanycar etc etc etc

    Has anyone heard or know if there is a shortage of second hand cars,I tried to do a px for a petrol 335 i BMW estate which was a bit overpriced.The dealer would only offer 18 k against my Z 4 M coupe which is a low mileage fully loaded beast so I declined.He said there is a shortage of second...
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    Scooby diff

    Another Diff has come up which some of you might be interested in,it’s an r 160 ,based in Lincolnshire by someone that breaks scoobies,£180 if needs one,not window shopping I’ll pass on the number on The other one I posted up has gone,think it’s a 4.14
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    Subaru diff

    There is a 4.44 plated scooby diff just been rebuilt on the scooby page if anyone is looking for one,priced at £550
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    Has anyone seen the latest offerings on EBay,Yes the white 260,wot is he on or am I missing something,some really not so tasty bits on it,bits missing engine with original cam and it’ll take your breath away when you give it some.So anyone with a decent Zed and I mean a decent Zed not something...
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    Targa bags in good nick £30
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    I’ve a 280zx o/s rear light for sale,someone had me over claiming it’s a 260 only just looked at it properly,my fault for being a plank £20
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    New datsun

    My latest Datsun,about 18 months old now,ooops,think I spelt it wrong,ping yer Zed doggy piccies up,might cheer some of yer up,
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    Zeds for sale

    Couple of Zeds on flea bay if anyone is looking,a 2+2 which seemsgood money as they are quite rare nowdays and two 240Zs one is about twenty K more expensive,any reason for that ?
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    I have a mint BMW Z 4 m coupe in Imola Red with cream leather interior,I’m thinking of selling it to maybe get another 240z,value of the BM is around 24-25 k done 55000 miles fsh,just think wot a Z 3 m coupe with the s54 goes for now compared to the 15 k they went for 10-12 years ago,looking...
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    Image wheels

    Are any of you lot out there looking to get a set of RM2 Image wheels in 7-16 size as I might be able to do you a turn,comment if you are or pm me