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  1. yellowz

    Temp Sensor

    I just fitted a new temp sensor to a 280Z and it does not screw all the way in until the seal hits the housing. The seal sits about 2 turns short of the housing but does not seem to leak, have not run it right up to temp yet. It is the newer one piece sensor - if anyone wants a new sensor that...
  2. yellowz

    One Day..................

    MZR Youtube
  3. yellowz

    Some help please

    A while back there was a discussion (in a thread about something else....) in which we discussed different ways of storing and moving engines not on stands. I actually wrote something in the thread but I can't find it now! Can anyone help please? :conf2: I'm looking for the picture of a wooden...
  4. yellowz


    Series 8 Episode 7 has a 240 in it. Not had a chance to watch it all yet, just the first couple of minutes.............................................................
  5. yellowz

    E10 Fuel

    Heard about this on the News. I'm guessing this will impact us?
  6. yellowz

    Is this for real?
  7. yellowz

    Bye for now..........

    Hi Guys It is with a heavy heart that I have to put my Z up for sale as a spares or repair project. What started out as a ‘keep it running and rebuild in the future’ project, turned into a structural repair job along the way. When the engine was removed to change the clutch and engine oil...
  8. yellowz

    Wing to Inner wing foam pad

    I have just taken the wings off my car to clean everything up and find more rot I expect........... Have discovered that one wing has a foam strip running running down it (definitely home made) and the other does not. Are these standard with one missing or not standard and I've got one for a...
  9. yellowz

    Anyone want some big carbs?
  10. yellowz

    After a favour

    Hi After a favour if anyone can help please..... Trying to find out how much lot ML208 went for at BCA Blackbushe today. If anyone has a BCA Business acct or knows someone that could check I would be really grateful Thanks Jim
  11. yellowz

    What is this?

    Can anyone tell me what this is please? Just taken my dash out and I have the casing of this but internals and the black wire is not connected to anything! Thanks
  12. yellowz

    Rear ARB Bracket

    I have these brackets on the rear crossmember and I think they are for the anti roll bar. They seem to take a square roll bar bush. My question is this, is there a specific metal tab that closes the bush in and clamps up? There is a hole in the down facing piece which accepts a tongue of a...
  13. yellowz

    Seat Differences

    I took out my seats a while back and put some S2000 seats in. Now I'm looking at putting the original seats back after giving them some TLC. Can anyone tell me if there are any big difference between these two seats? I thought they would both have strapping across the back but they are...
  14. yellowz

    Spring has sprung!

    I'm starting to take a good look at my car now with a view to fixing things....... big list getting bigger and bigger. Took a long look at the shocks and springs after thinking the car should not go bang when it goes over a bump, it should go boing - within reason. Looked inside the front wing...
  15. yellowz


    I'm trying to start a thread which includes photos, but I get an error message that says ' your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks
  16. yellowz

    Anyone think these are a good idea

    Is this worthwhile for a windscreen?
  17. yellowz

    HIF or HS

    Has anyone got any strong opinions on the merits of using HS Carbs over HIF? I am still planning for when my Z comes off the road. Doing lots of planning/thinking/stalling. Don't want to take the car off the road in the first place and want to wait for prices to come back down! I have...
  18. yellowz

    240z S2000 Seat Swap

    Posting this if anyone needs help with doing the seat swap for Honda S2000 seats. The instructions on how to do it are here I managed to do it without altering the seat brace bars just using spacers to lift the...
  19. yellowz

    Door External Weatherstrip

    Hi Has anyone got a decent photo of a door without the external window weatherstrip on please? I've tried to load a pic of what I mean. not sure it has worked. My weatherstrips are really old and hardened up now. I have just replaced the window seal and the internal fuzzy strip to stop me...