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  1. Fairlineguy

    Bicester Scramble June 19th

    Do you still req a ticket for tomorrow? Not going to make it now so have a spare
  2. Fairlineguy

    280Z EFI Inconsistent Idle

    I would normally start by checking it’s not drawing air from some where. put your hand over the air intake at idle and stifle the engine of air if it’s got a leak you’ll hear it normally sucking from some where
  3. Fairlineguy

    RHD Accelerator peddle parts

    havent Found a suitable wraparound spring .I’ve just been using a return spring connected to the pedal and pedal box
  4. Fairlineguy

    RHD Accelerator peddle parts

    The clip that goes in the groove is just a C shaped you can cut a thick washer to work if you have the white plastic factory bush. or you can use a bush from classic Alfa FL052
  5. Fairlineguy

    260/280z Uprated rear ARB

    Uprated 22mm rear arb newly powder coated £100
  6. Fairlineguy

    Electronic ignition and rev counter 240Z

    240z is a inductive loop rev counter if your are still using a coil it should still work as is it picks up a pulse from the 12v feed to the coil that passes through the loop
  7. Fairlineguy

    Salvage Hunters Classic Cars 280Z

    Remember like a lot of these programs it’s just a film prop . At the end of filming the production company simply sell it for what they can and portray it’s been a success for the program.
  8. Fairlineguy

    RHD 260/280z Dash

    Of course
  9. Fairlineguy

    RHD 260/280z Dash

    Rhd dash for sale £800 Bare dash no cracks tel 07816351491
  10. Fairlineguy

    Uninsured driver options

    Must be a week for uninsured drivers I got hit by a uninsured driver this week in my daily car whilst driving through county lane near my house. After hitting me he slammed his car in reverse and drove of down a side road I gave chase and managed to box him in further down the road with another...
  11. Fairlineguy

    ISO RHD wiper linkage photos

    You can modify a lhd linkage to rhd you need to straighten the cross over bar then put a oppisite bend in it also need to reverse the wiper box piviot pin by grinding off the weld and the re welding once reversed. Note the angle of the slot in the arm that fits to the motor this will effect...
  12. Fairlineguy

    L28 Ignition trouble headscratcher

    Makers of digital electronic ignition systems (or Sparx regulator/rectifiers) often specify that 5 kOhm resistance is required. So you either need resistor plug caps, or resistor plugs or resistor wires.
  13. Fairlineguy

    L28 Ignition trouble headscratcher

    Why would you want resistor leads and plugs ? last year I took a spare set of plugs with me to a rolling road session . Half way through we took the plugs out to check them . whilst they where out I thought id put the new ones in which where resistor plugs it wouldn’t start Took them back out...
  14. Fairlineguy

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Quick run into town this evening to pick up a takeaway
  15. Fairlineguy

    Which seals am I likely to need?

    Almost guarantee it if you use either loctite or 3m black weather trim glue it doesn’t really stick that well to the rubber even the two part glue from zdepot seems to come away . That’s from my experience I’d be interested if someone has found something that sticks the rubber and won’t allow...
  16. Fairlineguy

    Which seals am I likely to need?

    I’d get a full set . There all sure to be toasted even if you use just a few of them to start with you’ll be able to pull them off and reuse them haven’t found a glue yet that really sticks them well.
  17. Fairlineguy

    What will Z prices do over the next 12 months?

    Difficult one in one hand the cost of restoring a classic is going up along with every thing else in the world. But it normally only takes a few desperate sellers for the price to cool and the market to slow.
  18. Fairlineguy

    Distributor-drive repositioning

    Worth repositioning the ht leads to start it and then see if you can set the timing with the adjustment you have on the distributor quadrant before dropping the anti roll bar and oil pump