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    "The" 2022 Calendar

    i like the calendar and cars, would have liked to see a z31 in it but maybe no pictures were submitted from members
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    300zx z31 spotted

    300zx z31 pre facelift in brand new car condition absolutely mint, looked totally original in metallic blue, I was driving in a work vehicle at the time at Bridgnorth shropshire, I think it was a non turbo, I just wondered if it belongs to anyone on here being a z31 owner myself.
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    What local group do you fall into?

    heart of england like me in shropshire
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    what a lovely surprise

    great calender ,great key ring,brilliant,thanks!!!!!!!!
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    No Spark to Engine

    any more information,are all the dashboard lights on as normal and its turning over as normal just no spark?
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    Newbie - 350z Owner, looking for Z31

    i have only seen one RHD digital dash model here it was a preface lift NA anniversary edition manual in silver and original and i think owned from new by a old gentleman who got to the point where he could no longer get in and out of it and unfortuantly he had to end up selling it,where it is...
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    Power steering pump rebuild

    scribe a line across where the rear cover/cam case/front section join ,undo the bolts holding them together,when you split them make sure that the vane inside does not come off the rotor,the o rings in the cam case should be replaced,the snap ring on the end of the shaft needs to come out,then...
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    Fan amplifier

    i couldnt find one so i got a secondhand one from the states for the analog dash LHD model,from memory the mounting face isnt quite the same as the uk one i think the angle of the mounting on it is on the opposite side,maybe it bolted on or maybe i had to grind one side down i cant remember but...
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    [SOLVED] Head gasket replacement vg30e

    the way i did it was to spray the whole thing in red heat resistant wrinkle paint then take a very very fine linishing disc on a grinder and flash over the whole thing lightly leaving the red where you want and shiny aluminium then coat the whole thing in heat resistant lacquer ,or just give it...
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    Front Seats Blue

    it depends whos looking at the time when they are for sale,theres not many cars on the road so the market is relatively small,myself i would be very happy to pay £50 and wouldnt really want to pay more than £100 for those but thats just me (tight)and someone else may think different
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    Motor Sport - Paul Newman

    does it have info on him with the z31s
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    Z31 sad times

    looking at the pics and as a z31 owner,i would say stripping off the easy parts and scrapping the rest is not a option as it looks too good a car and being manual too i would say dont do it,also there are hardly any z31s left on the roads and few owners selling the parts could take some...
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    300zx 1988 Z31 ignition parts needed

    maybe check the plugs wiring into it for corrosion ,ive never looked myself but if you take it off a cold engine and look through it you might be able to see if the valve is open or shut?
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    300zx 1988 Z31 ignition parts needed

    another angle is to check out the airflow meter ive had this before on the z31 with the sypmtons you describe,the fault codes may show up ok but in my experience this does not mean the part isnt duff,you can spray a shot of carb cleaner at the thin wire element inside it as it can be dirty,it...
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    No speedo - Fixed!!!!

    good info ,i hope i never have issues with mine but this is good to remember as a lot of parts are hard to find/expensive these days for our z31s,cheap fixes are cool with me! EXTRA;)
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    Radiator question-replacement

    glad its worked out ok for you ,i can also confirm having a turbo model i can get intercooler piping over the top of this brass radiator,(headlamp washer bottle removed)larger core aluminium non original looking radiators are available from the states but its questionable?(i couldnt get a...
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    [SOLVED] Crank sprocket replacement and timing belt change.

    EXTRA:)pain in the arse that bottom cog,old silvia turbo was the same,why they didnt do 2 thread holes in it like you have is beyond me,still next time you wont have to worry now
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    Radiator question-replacement

    you got a good deal then really,i did think about having a second hole brazed in mine but didnt bother in the end in case it might leak after doing it,fingers crossed its all leak free when you get her runningEXTRA:)
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    Radiator question-replacement

    those 2 switches have a purpose which is radiator switch 1 comes on at 90 dc and spins the fan at 1400rpm,if things get hotter switch 2 comes on at anything over 100 dc and spins the fan at 2000rpm,switch 2 also controls a second fan(if fitted) and this second fan would also come on at over 100...
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    Radiator question-replacement

    my rad is the same type as the first one in the rock auto pictures you put up 8010762 and has a switch hole,maybe you have been sent the rad for the viscous fan model hence no switch hole for the rad,is your setup twin or single fan?