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  1. Coyd

    Z cardepot

    Has anyone had any recent dealings with this company, the site didn’t confirm my order so I processed it several times I’ve email several times and nothing.
  2. Coyd


    Was wondering if anyone on here has dealt with Conceptua for parts through EBay. It’s a bit difficult finding parts since the sad loss of mike Feeney. Or are there any other Uk suppliers?
  3. Coyd

    Head porting?

    I'm rebuilding my engine, the head has had extensive porting. Whats confusing us is why the ridge has been left on intake valve just above seat. It’s all been smoothed out on exhaust side. Just wondering if there was any reason, it was a Dave Jarman engine
  4. Coyd

    L24 in Ford Model B

    I’m new to this site I have A 240z in a ford model B. Just rebuilding engine as we did a leak down test on no. 6 cylinder and we had a huge leak. Due to excessive valve guide wear.