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  1. bluejon

    Sunroof flies for freedom

    If it isn't one thing it's another. We'll I always would have preferred a Z without a sunroof and now I have one, kind of. Just cruising a B road at about 50mph, the 80s pop top was open and then it was gone. It made a break for freedom. With the rush of wind already there I didnt really...
  2. bluejon

    Quick help? lost clutch... tow home or...?

    Have broken down just 5 miles from home having lost clutch action. Not driveable. I don't think there are tow points. And would need a point of some kind to haul onto a trailer. Ideas guys, any suggestions welcome. Mr RAC is scratching his head a bit.
  3. bluejon

    Nissan marque racing at The Mitty

    Some of you will enjoy this read from JNC. Somehow I missed the early parts going up and started with the marque race, but it is worth reading them in order to get the full effect. Nice follow on from our Club meet at Donington a few weeks ago. Great track, great Zs and great legends ...
  4. bluejon

    Replacement flexi brake line

    I have a chunk out of a front brake line and need to make a replacement for MOT purposes. From the pic below, can anyone give a view on whether the flexi lines I have are the stock version, or whether they have been changed over the years. Note that the brakes themselves are converted to...
  5. bluejon

    Mini meet

    Anyone around and up for an impromptu mini meet today. Perfect weather to hit the B roads ... Ox, Bucks, Berks
  6. bluejon

    Ignition lead separators

    Looking for a set of lead separators that attach onto the mounts on the rocker cover
  7. bluejon

    Heat/vent selector ... what goes here

    Does anybody know or have a pic of what goes into the hole in the centre of this picture. It is the rear of the heater panel - the dark coloured arm is that of the top slider control to select HEAT v VENT, and the two brassy plates sitting above it slide relative to each other as the control...
  8. bluejon

    Cali Z's in peril ... Oroville Dam

    Looking at the news, twitter etc. it looks like some dry Cali Zs might be about to get the biggest wash of their lives as Oroville Dam teeters on the edge. :eek: hope SacCyclones Zs are on high ground nr Sacramento? And all the people in the vicinity of course :thumbs:
  9. bluejon

    Sill plate screws + fixing positions

    I'm sure someone has the answer to this little Sunday puzzler. What the correct screws for the alu door sill plates? I have a mix of two types - most are round headed silver cross-head. But I also have a couple of charcoal coloured screws with a chamfered trapezoid-shaped head - see pic...
  10. bluejon

    New book by Mr Uemera, 240Z engineer

    Thought you all might like to hear of this book available for the first time in English. It was first published in Japan in 2014 and has only recently been translated late in 2016. Mr Uemura of course Nissan engineer who worked on the Z project. I received my copy this morning, so I'm looking...
  11. bluejon

    U-joint and other drivertrain parts

    Wll time has come to tighten up my drivetrain vibes and see the back of that railway carriage that seems to follow me around on and off.Had the car up in the air yesterday and this is what we found: - need tor eplace the rear main U-joint and probably would replace the front one at the same...
  12. bluejon

    Blackthorn nr Bicester, Sun4th

    Blackthorn have their second show coming this Sunday. For a smaller local event they made a great job of it last year. We're planning to have a run out again this weekend, you don't have to register. maybe see any local peeps there ... ?
  13. bluejon

    DIY solution to kinked fuel breather hose

    I decided to have a bit of an explore under the car to investigate petrol smells. Not those during driving, but a distinct smell I get when opening the garage door. Maybe it maybe not connected with this, I found a tightly kinked breather hose from the petrol tank ... the shorter of the two...
  14. bluejon

    Waterstock Park, oxford, June 18th

    Only just found out about this event despite it being only 15 minutes from me. nice and central ... anyone interested?
  15. bluejon

    B pillar interior

    Trying to solve a puzzle here as to the correct arrangement of furnishings on the interior of the B pillars. I currently have the following set-up which is either incomplete or a mix of OEM/non-OEM: - At shoulder height I have the J-shaped hooks to hold the seat belt buckles when not in use...
  16. bluejon

    Busy weekend for car meets in oxfordshire

    Spoilt for choice of where to take the Z this Sunday the 8th. Anyone around who fancies meeting up. There's a morning classic car meet at the Flowing Spring pub between Henley and Reading. 9.30-11.30am. Something they started only this year quite successfully...
  17. bluejon

    replacing choke mount/lever

    As I have a broken choke lever prong, how easy is it to replace the mount and level unit. I can pick up the replacement parts, but haven't explored in the car to see what the job entails, so, ... Does it require removing the full centre console, or not? And then, is the best way to...
  18. bluejon

    Quick q on battery clamping

    Woo hoo .. first day this year out of the garage today and Hal is back on the road. It took me a new battery (ex Tayna) and a few minutes of puzzlement to get it fired up. Turns out the '80s alarm system, I think having detected the old battery was so flat it was like it had been disconnected...
  19. bluejon

    Search function results ... ach

    Apols if this has been discussed before, but unless I've missed a feature, the forum search till is quite poor. It prevents you from searching usefully for anything with more than one word. Example, if I search for 'hand throttle' (my car has one of these rare items), the search will...
  20. bluejon

    Radio plan/options - advice and ideas?

    So I need to do something with the audio in the car. Currently it has an audio system as fitted by its American owner in the early 2000s. Honestly, I can never see myself listening to the radio 4 while driving the 240 and having to concentrate on LHD, braking in advance and listening to the...