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    England to Australia

    Unusual exported from UK to Australia now up for sale/sold
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    Hose Help

    Hi Need advice on what hoses I require for early 240Z getting braided hoses from USA (any UK sellers?) and not sure what fits RHD Also how to replicate the 2 piece vacuum hose Thanks in anticipation Nick
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    Hose clip sizes??

    Im looking for wire hose clips for the engine bay, radiator, fuel heater etc wondering what sizes I need. I've measured what hoses I have but chasing a definitive answer. Would prefer original used clips but new will do as long as they are not stainless, will remove any plating Thanks
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    Glove box?

    Getting ready to order various parts from USA and wondering if the left hand drive glove box is suitable for right hand drive car Thanks in anticipation
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    Wheel Availability 1970-71?

    What wheels could you buy for an early Z? Wolfrace started selling 1971 Minilight were making wheels in the 60's but for the Z? I doubt if anyone thought about importing wheels, if they were available from the USA or Japan So if you wanted wide wheels on a early car would they have been...
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    Licence HELP

    Hi Will be in UK next week have a licence issued 1978 is this still valid?? Thanks Nick
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    Whats on ????

    I'll be returning to the UK for a couple of months May /June to see family, friends and the Chelsea Flower Show and will try and get to a few motoring events as well. Any ideas as to what's on London, south east? Goodwood Festival of Speed any good?? All ideas appreciated. Nick
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    Not one Z !

    I've just been reading through a recent copy of Classic and Sports Car and not one Z (actually there was one) 250 pages,features, comments,classified and display adverts and only one 240! No mention of parts suppliers or repairers. If one was to judge exclusivity by this magazine it would be...