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    Z Car Garage Article I am interested to see the upcoming bit on the OS Giken Z they have
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    Datsun Pickup

    I really like the look of this: Not a Z but could be a lot of fun!
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    260z dash buttons/indicators

    I am restoring my dash and noticed two removable button positions or indicators above the centre vents. I have found a picture with a fuel indicator on the right, were there other variations or options?
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    Diesel 240z

    Found some pictures of a Diesel powered 240z, interesting swap Diesel 240z - Imgur
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    260Z Manufacture Date Information

    I know the discussion was brought up here: But I have not seen any discussion since, is anyone pursuing the VIN cutoff for 1973 260z'? If not I might try and make some enquiries, can anyone recommend where to start?
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    Brake Bind Issue

    Had an issue with my brakes on the weekend, I started to notice a loss of power and engine temps rising, coasted to the hard shoulder and stopped quite rapidly. I checked the rear drums and they were fine, front discs were very hot though (pro tip: don't touch disc brakes you suspect to be...
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    Can someone buy me this please?

    1972 Nissan Datsun Skyline 2dr Coupe KPC10 HAKOSUKA " EXPORT WELCOME " not KGC10 | eBay Probably cost the selling price getting it back into good condition but I still think it would be worth it
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    Where do you keep your Z?

    I have been renting a garage near my house for my Z, but I'm on my third move in 2 years and now a few miles away which is reducing the amount I use the car. I have a decent sized driveway now in a quiet culdisac and was considering (at least for the summer months) keeping the Z outside, my...
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    260z 7mgte

    Hello all, I have been looking for a 240 or 260 for a while now, seen a few but never found one in the right condition. Went to view one that had been mentioned back in 2009 here and couldn't resist it. Picture (if I have used the upload correctly) should be attached 1974 UK 260Z, 7M-GTE...