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  1. johnymd

    Driveshaft upgrades

    I'm looking to upgrade the diff and axles on my 2 zeds that now run stroker engines. Both of these have very clunky drivetrains that I feel wont last much longer when I start to abuse them. So I'm looking at CV axle conversions to go with 2 of the diffs I currently have. These include: R200...
  2. johnymd

    Gearbox/Diff oil.......again!!

    I've been looking at drivetrain oils again and still don't know why one is a GL4 and the other GL5. Any ideas. I run a s14 box and the general recommendation is EP85W-140 which is the sort of oil I'd run in a noisy diff. So can i use the same oil in both?
  3. johnymd

    SOLD: 260z '73 Ex LHD now RHD

    Time to sell the project I've been working on for some time now. I put the car on ebay and it came very close but didn't make the reserve I set. It bid up to £22670 which is not enough to buy the car. The car was built from a totally rust free shell that has never had any rust or repairs. The...
  4. johnymd

    Engine oil

    Just curious as to which oils people are using. I understand the critical ingredience is ZDDP but a lot of oils don't seam to list it. For example: Valvoline VR1 racing no longer has it listed on the description. Have they stopped adding it? I get through a lot of oil as I have too many cars...
  5. johnymd

    E88 heads

    I picked up a spare E88 head yesterday and I'm wondering if it has a place in a performance L28 build. From what I gather there are a number of different versions of this head which makes no sense to me at all. The one I have has the small chambers that resemble P90 so good squish. Its a later...
  6. johnymd

    Body stiffening/improvements.

    I am starting a new zed project and the general theme for this one is weight reduction rather than power increase as I've previously done. My blue car had 500hp and weighed 1200kg. This same car was just about perfect when the power was nearer 360hp so I'm aiming for 1000kg and maybe 290hp. I...
  7. johnymd

    F54 block hole?

    On my new stroker engine I have noticed a threaded hole(1/8bsp?) just above and to the left of the oil filter mount area. I have not notice or seen this on any other L-series block. The block could have come from a turbo car and was certainly used with a turbo back in the 80's. Could this be a...
  8. johnymd

    Registering a US import in 2020

    A few people have asked me about this recently and as the forms and my old guide are a bit out of date I thought I'd start a fresh thread. I need to register my current project 260z so I thought I'd go through the process and update my guide notes. The form can now be downloaded from here...
  9. johnymd

    MJP point of contact

    I have been helping out at Mikes place to and try and organise things. With help from Dean we have had a major tidy up and are now at a point where we can look at parts ordered and what has arrived. After discussions I have offered to be a point of contact for members that are awaiting parts. At...
  10. johnymd

    Fidanza flywheel bolts

    for my stroker engine build I have used a fidanza Ali flywheel. I supplied the engine builder with arp flywheel bolts but he returned them saying they were too short and he wasn’t comfortable using them. He suggested I find a longer bolt. After a bit of digging I find that skyline bolts are...
  11. johnymd

    Mild stroker built for the road

    My new engine build is now complete and I picked it up this week. I’ve been very happy with the engine builder and he has put a lot of effort into building it right. I now need to get it built up and ready to go on the engine dyno in a couple of weeks. The basic spec of this engine is a 3.0lt...
  12. johnymd

    Brookland's new years day meet.

    I went last year and will be taking a zed along this year as well. A good mix of cars and people to chat with.
  13. johnymd

    Head thread

    Im starting to collect heads so I thought I’d provide some pictures and info on the modified ones I have just acquired. The 2 in the picture were either use on or prepped for big Sam. One is a welded p90 with beryllium seats, titanium 46.5/35mm valves, heavy skim and ported. The other is e30...
  14. johnymd

    New project arrives this morning

    After waiting for the paperwork to be in order my new project finally arrive so I can now see what I'm starting with. At the moment I have no firm ideas as to which direction this one will take but I am leaning towards keeping the look pretty much as is. The general condition of the car is good...
  15. johnymd

    Registering an import without title

    At the moment I'm just "chewing the fat" but is it possible to register a US import that was imported by someone else with all duties paid and on the nova system, but no title. I thought a title was required but after a bit of research this may not be the case. Anyone got experience with this?
  16. johnymd

    New key from code

    I lost my car key some time ago and managed to find one that works but is not perfect. I then noticed the key code is listed on a factory sticker in the glove box. Is it possible to obtain a replacement key from this code? It is a 240z US car with original locks and ignition. All the locks on...
  17. johnymd

    LD28 sump on an L28

    been looking at the sump from my LD28 and it looks similar to an l-series sump. Gasket fits it perfect and they both appear to have the “sump” section in the middle. The main difference is the ears sticking out the sides. Has anyone used this sump on an l-series before?
  18. johnymd

    Piston options for L28

    If I was to build a mild road going L28 and needed new pistons, what are my options? If I also need to bore the block anyway then what's the biggest size you can take the block out to and still get cast pistons? If I was going to take it out to 87.5mm or above then what's the cheapest forged...
  19. johnymd

    MSA rear antiroll bar

    I have this kit: and I'm trying to fit it to a 240z that doesn't have the rear anti roll bar mounts on the shell. I did intend to make some and weld it to the car but I notice in the kit there are some parts I don't recognize for...
  20. johnymd

    Heater blower wiring

    I had a similar problem when I tried to get the 280z blower motor to work and ended up using the sub loom that linked the fan switch to the motor and resistor pack. I then just supplied 12v to the motor and that was it. For the 240z I'm currently rewiring, I don't have a loom I can check or use...