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    300zx z31 spotted

    300zx z31 pre facelift in brand new car condition absolutely mint, looked totally original in metallic blue, I was driving in a work vehicle at the time at Bridgnorth shropshire, I think it was a non turbo, I just wondered if it belongs to anyone on here being a z31 owner myself.
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    parts needed to finish restoration

    im in the final stages of my 1985 z31 restoration and require these parts if anybody has them 1- black trim that goes across the back of the bonnet (preface-lift} 2-blower switch amplifier box that...
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    coolant temperture

    at idle my z31 water temp gauge goes up to nearly 3/4 before the radiator fan comes on,i would of thought it should be coming on earlier than that like half way or very slightly over?,the engine doesnt boil but gets very hot,ive changed the coolant,thermostat,rad hoses and rad as part of the...
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    fuel gauge sender problem

    as we know the fuel gauge not working is common on the z31,its usually a duff sender unit,my gauge has never worked,ive disconnected the sender unit in the boot and turned the ignition on and i get around 7.7 volts which suggests to me either a relay/circuit breaker is at fault......i had a...
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    anybody got a good z31 manual radiator they want to sell,it doesnt matter what year they are all the same,post up or pm me if you got one..........thanks
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    kaminari rear tail light

    does anybody out there and its probably unlikely in the uk :(have a kaminari rear tail light unit that goes inbetween the rear lights for a preface lift model?