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  1. Carl300ZX

    Oil Cooler for 1988 Z31 Turbo Manual

    My oil cooler has sprung a leak. I am currently looking at having a race cooler modified to do the job but thought I would ask the forum if anybody knows where I might be able to get a new original/good condition used model?
  2. Carl300ZX

    Speedo Cable for 1988 Z31 Turbo Manual

    I'm looking for the speedo cable for the above car and am struggling to find one. Can anybody please direct me to somewhere I might be able to get one?
  3. Carl300ZX

    Z31 owners wanted

    Suzy When do you need this by? Planning to give the car a good polish at the weekend ready for the show so will take some pics then. Is early next week ok? Carl
  4. Carl300ZX

    Z31 owners wanted

    Hi Suzy Are you still looking for Z31's? Sorry, i have not visited the site for a while. Carl
  5. Carl300ZX

    Unleaded Fuel

    Hi I am running an 87 Z31 turbo.:Z31: Does anyone know if you can put normal unleaded in it instead of the high octane stuff? Also, what is the capacity of the fuel tank?? My gauge is probably wrong as when it is begging for a drink it only takes about 40 litres and i had heard a rumour...
  6. Carl300ZX

    K&N filter to a Z31?

    Hi Mr F Is it possible to upgrade the ECU to compliment the filtercharger kit:confused: I also heard a rumour that changing the fuel pump to a high pressure one, maybe from a Z32, will have considerable effect on the performance. I would appreciate your advice on this as i am in the final...
  7. Carl300ZX

    Cleaner Required

    Hi Guys I have finally got my car back from the bodyshop!! It only took 3 months but i am glad to say that the wait was definately worth it :D :D As i have had a 3 month rest from z tinkering etc I thought i would get myself gently back into the throws by cleaning the engine bay. I have...
  8. Carl300ZX

    Damage to Z31

    Hi Neil Really sorry to hear about your bad luck. Did the W***er do much damage?? Carl
  9. Carl300ZX

    loss of acceleration

    I like your thinking Jez:D :D . Then again that means twice the nagging, twice the amount of gardening, twice the amount of credit card bills......think i will stick to one for now!!! Carl
  10. Carl300ZX

    loss of acceleration

    Hi Jez Are you still contemplating a (Dare i say it) GTO???? Nice car. Must admit, thought about getting something else too but just can't bare the thought of selling the Z31. Oh well.....better find a house with a double garage and start a collection:D :D .............if only! Mine...
  11. Carl300ZX

    oil pressure sender??

    Thanks all!! A new sender it is! Will be phoning Mr F to order one!!
  12. Carl300ZX

    Tragic News!

    Did not know the guy either but would like to offer my condolences and best wishies for speedy recovery. Carl
  13. Carl300ZX

    loss of acceleration

    Bodywork Hi "Thatgirl". Welcome to the Z Club. I have just sent my Z31 off for some tlc to the bodywork, a few rust spots, arches, dents and respray the bonnet. I have been quoted £350 - £400 for the lot. A grand seems a bit steep. When mine comes back i will let you know how it looks...
  14. Carl300ZX

    oil pressure sender??

    Oil Pressure Gauge Hi Guys Just read Jez's posting about a dodgy sender which got me a bit worried. My gauge is very slow off the mark and also slow changing with engine revs etc. When i start the car it eventually gets to between 30 and 60 but on a run it very slowly drops to just below...
  15. Carl300ZX

    Joyous Tale!

    Hi Guys Thought i would write and tell you my joyous tale! I have just collected the car from the garage where it has had a new cam belt. (Could not find it being replaced in the history so at 64,000 miles it was probably about time to have it done!!) Anyway, I was expecting the bill...
  16. Carl300ZX

    Must be the season for joining

    Welcome!!! I am a fairly new member too. I have spoken to a few of the other members on the web and also at JAE. They are a knowledgeable bunch so i am sure sound hints and tips will be readily available. I have a Z31 too so i might be able to help albeit i am still learning about them...
  17. Carl300ZX

    I just won Best Classic Car at Billing!!

    Your car looked great....well done!;)
  18. Carl300ZX

    Some interesting Z31's on Autotrader!

    Hi Jez You mentioned in one of your messages that the boost on the Z31 is easy to increase!! How would i go about doing this? I will eventually upgrade the turbo but some extra boost would be great :D :D :D until i can afford a T4:( . Would appreciate some pointers. Cheers Carl
  19. Carl300ZX


    Hi Guys I will be going to JAE on Sunday as i will need all day Saturday to wash and polish the car!!! (And try to hide the previous owners failed parking attempts etc etc!!) I look forward to meeting you all down there and thanks for your suggestions/tips. Carl
  20. Carl300ZX


    I am fairly new to the Z scene following the purchase of my Z31 turbo. The car is great requiring only superficial work to bring it back to "like new". Not sure if i want to do any mods to the car as she looks stunning without. I may do some bits under the bonnet and would be grateful of...