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  1. AliK

    Help me identify which car this is supposed to go on

    Wise people, need your help please. I bought and electric fuel pump bracket from a member a while back which was identified as one for a 260z - the only challenge is, it doesn’t align with ANY of the holes in my chassis. Is this for an early S30 and they move the holes on the later ones? Or...
  2. AliK

    What excites you about electric cars?

    Beinng a born petrol head and being fascinated by cars before I could speak, I always found that tingle of excitement when I saw the latest car magazines! I didn’t even glance at the top shelf as the passion for cars was all consuming for me! Fast forward a few decades and I’m finding myself a...
  3. AliK

    Poor Man's Data Logging

    I like data! I need data! I LOVE data! I live and dream data. I feel empty, without purpose and am feeling hungry! In all seriousness, I want to log as a minimum: AFR MAP RPM So a 4 channel analogue jobbie would be ideal. But I don't want to spend the £400+ on the well known brands. I want...
  4. AliK

    A known cooling mod?

    Came across this (somewhere) while looking for something else. I believe it’s a “well known” mod to sort out cyl6 getting hotter than the rest. Apparently you have to also block some water hole somewhere towards the front of the block. Is anyone aware of this and done it?
  5. AliK

    Updates to the Highway Code!

    Like them or not, annoying you or not, cyclists are someone’s father, mother, daughter, son, grandma, grandpa, loved one! the DfT has updated the Highway Code to clarify who has priority and equally how cyclists should behave on the road ...
  6. AliK

    240z project anyone?
  7. AliK

    You know it’s a bad day ....

    ... when even the road signs are making fun of you!
  8. AliK

    Brand new L series head anyone?

    From what I understand, they are doing a production run in Japan and with computer modelling and modern techniques they are coming pre-ported!!! Oh and better water jackets / cooling. First prototype will be ready in Augusta and fitted to an engine. We just need @Woody928 whose income is all...
  9. AliK

    Spiyda rev counter upgrade

    My rev counter has never fully behaved itself and the time has come to address it. I could just replace the capacitors and transistors inside, but I figure if I’m taking it apart properly, then I may as well do a guaranteed fix that will last a long time (and will effectively give me a 5v signal...
  10. AliK

    Calling all Z newbies and curious others!

    Guys and gals, For a long time, it’s bugged me when people new to the scene would ask a questions an eyes would roll behind the keyboards, promptly followed by the immortal words - “just use Google” !!! I was thinking we need a sticky thread for the frequently asked questions and stated...
  11. AliK

    Festival of Speed 2021

    Anyone going? Would love to see another Z in the car park. Apparently you need proof of both jabs.
  12. AliK

    Adventures with Zstory Race Sport system and mufflers

    If you know me, you know that I enjoy the tinkering in equal measure to the actual driving! Some contend I like tinkering even more! Ever wondered what an exhaust system would sound like on your car with different mufflers? I personally found that the internet was full small clips but very...
  13. AliK

    To re-core or not to re-core? That, is the question!

    Ok wise ones, I need your wizzend advice. My radiator which was purchased new by the PO, less than 10k miles ago has the tiniest weep. I can only imagine it will get worse over time. With the MSA reproduction out of stock with the support no longer making it, my choices are: 1. Use Mauricio...
  14. AliK

    Boot lid gas struts

    Ladies, Gentlemen, friends and @Woody928 , :p I investigated this a while back with SGS in the UK who said they can try to refresh our struts for I think it was £100 a pair. I asked about a group discount and there wasn’t much they would do. And then this beautiful site popped up today! I’m...
  15. AliK

    Security for your Z!!!

    Now this is something I WILL install!! For the price of a cheap SIM (£5/ month) you have a tracker / Geo fenced car that cuts off the fuel or ignition supply with what is totally stealth!!! You can also install a loud 120db+ siren inside the car to go off when it disables / goes out of the geo...
  16. AliK

    Apologies for delaying things

    Well gang the irony of life is just delicious!! Cycling at the weekend to my Covid vaccine appointment, the rear derailleur of my commuter bike disintegrated, jammed itself into the spokes and locked the rear wheel / pedals at 25mph. So I had quite an impressive off!! I knew I should have taken...
  17. AliK

    Front indicator lenses and housing - alternative?

    I just saw this on eBay and thought to share it. I know someone was looking for original UK / Eur ones for the front of their’s and they are very rare (barring Sean’s listing - if still not sold?). The “look” like they would work under the bumper with some coloured bulbs as a stop gap or a...
  18. AliK

    260/280z blanking plates / purpose

    Does anyone know what the two blanking plates on the right are for? It feels like there should be something like a pair of electric window switches there! I’m looking to modify a stock switch to go there to do other things and would like it to look “correct” but nowhere have I found a photo with...
  19. AliK

    I bet you have the wrong bulbs in your tail lights!

    As the title suggests, I always thought my tail lights are more akin to fog lamps in brightness. Which in some ways is no bad thing to get you noticed, but it isn’t great for the drivers behind and it does reduce the relative brightness increase when you brake, as everything else in the cluster...
  20. AliK

    Anyone wanting to buy some rust?

    Wasn’t there a thread (I can’t find) about the worst eBay listings? how on earth can someone sell this with a straight face for over £50!?