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    260Z 2+2 Fuel Tank Clean

    Hi All, I have a 260z 2+2 with a Tank that needs a good clean, it is very rusted and has a lot of bits floating about in it. I live in the Cheshire, does anyone know/who has used pro services to get this cleaned and sealed correctly, I have seen a few very old posts however is there anyone who...
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    Returning member from 2006 intro.

    Hello All, I first joined the site back in 2006 with limited postings between then and now, I still have the 260Z 2+2 and currently having it looked at in the local garage to see if I can firstly get it back on the road. I`ve Re-joined the site to for advice and to improve knowledge in...
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    Datsun 260z Will not move

    Hello everyone, this is my first post for some time, i have a 260z that was passed down to me, I have had the car in the garage for sometime and i have neglected to take it out for over 18 months, it is currenlty sorn. I have had the handbreak off for that period f time however i have come to...
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    Datsun 260Z 2+2 Restore or not to restore

    Hello, I have the above motor which i inherited from my dad when he passed away, it was his pride and joy to which i have kept and Mot and serviced for 5 + years now, i cant bring myself to part with it but have been thinking of late i may need to. It`s in genral good nick and runs well, i am...
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    Datsun 260Z 2+2 Car cover

    Hi Guys, I`m after a decent car cover for my beloved 260Z, It`s kept in the garage but still it can get quite damp in there as well as dusty etc, can anyone recommend a good car cover. Help Appreciated Richard
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    78` 260Z 2+2 Help!

    Hello there, I`m new to the forum, i`ve inherited the above car and haven`t foggiest when it comes to the car in general, Its in good nick from what i can see very little rust if any. I`ve joined the site to try and get a better understanding of the car and keep it running and keep it in Good...