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    My first classic (part-refurb) '78 280z, LHD, auto, Ex-California

    I think you have a bit of filler in the bottom of that wing and in the end of the sill panel so it might not be as straight forward as it looks.
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    What excites you about electric cars?

    0-100KPH 2.3 seconds
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    England to Australia
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    England to Australia

    Sold $81200 Australian Any ideas what car sold for in UK
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    Hose Help

    You are right the vacuum hose is different and I guess I won't need any? of the emission hoses
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    Hose Help

    Thanks Ian The hoses from JDM car parts are "braided" I just need to figure out which I need. Some LHD no good for RHD If get wrong can't just pop down and and get money back! Nick
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    England to Australia

    Unusual exported from UK to Australia now up for sale/sold
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    Glove box?

    Sean What is the reasoning? Thanks
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    Hose Help

    Hi Need advice on what hoses I require for early 240Z getting braided hoses from USA (any UK sellers?) and not sure what fits RHD Also how to replicate the 2 piece vacuum hose Thanks in anticipation Nick
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    Hose clip sizes??

    Im looking for wire hose clips for the engine bay, radiator, fuel heater etc wondering what sizes I need. I've measured what hoses I have but chasing a definitive answer. Would prefer original used clips but new will do as long as they are not stainless, will remove any plating Thanks
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    Glove box?

    Thanks I'll get one and see if I can get it to fit .
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    Glove box?

    Getting ready to order various parts from USA and wondering if the left hand drive glove box is suitable for right hand drive car Thanks in anticipation
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    240z/260z Parts for sale

    Hi would you happen to have any of these brackets and clips Nick
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    Here we go again Derricks 260z restoration

    Might be a good idea to weld some bracing in to strengthen better to do before you cut too much out Nick just looked at the rest of the thread so it looks like you on top of it
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    NEW Forum Member

    Don't forget Australia Some great prices with exchange rate at the moment. Some very nice cars here, a lot of early examples and not as rusty as the UK And you don't have to convert them a big plus Nick
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    NEC soup thread

    Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    Allan, cut him a bit of slack,he's having fun, its not a usual restoration but may be it will turn out ok. Nick
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    Bizarro world Don/Albrecht
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    Fame at last!!!!! Classic & Sports Car magazine.

    Has any one ever considered that Albrecht might sometimes be wrong? Just a thought! Nick
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    Great thread Don Ignore the pedantic and sarcastic comments Most people are trying to be helpful It is really good to see some one who is so enthusiastic. Nick