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  1. bluejon

    Triple SUs

    I have copy of an article from Z Car magazine about a cousin of my car and its conversion. The owner of that car and mine were friends.
  2. bluejon

    RIP Mike Feeney

    Only just seen this thread today.. haven't been on in a while. What sad news to hear. Such an knowledgeable and amenable gent who had been invaluable sorting my car. I'm thrilled by the pictures that have been posted...and very pleased there was a good turnout at Mike's funeral.
  3. bluejon

    Triple SUs

    Triple SUs here... [emoji16]
  4. bluejon

    Bicester Scramble 5th January 2020 - Club Stand Interest?

    Can't do this one this time...
  5. bluejon

    London Bridge meet up?

    I'm in, if its a day I'm in town
  6. bluejon

    Sunroof flies for freedom

    Had a successful New year's trip up to Cumbria today to meet Turn&Burn and collect a roof panel. Nice to meet another member, sit in a pub and discuss cars etc. Next to take it in to my guy who will do the fitting for me ready for spring.
  7. bluejon

    Black and White Number Plates

    It's 13 x 6.5 from Jepsons. They make it for you as a custom size
  8. bluejon

    Black and White Number Plates

    Mine is 6.5" high and fits perfectly... see pic much earlier on this thread.
  9. bluejon

    Sunroof flies for freedom

    Yeah, thanks for that. I suppose you will sell some to me? ;). Actually a piece of MDF might do the trick.
  10. bluejon

    Sunroof flies for freedom

    It wasn't a webasto one, but if I replace I proably am looking at a webasto. Which type is it?
  11. bluejon

    Sunroof flies for freedom

    If it isn't one thing it's another. We'll I always would have preferred a Z without a sunroof and now I have one, kind of. Just cruising a B road at about 50mph, the 80s pop top was open and then it was gone. It made a break for freedom. With the rush of wind already there I didnt really...
  12. bluejon

    Sunday Super Scramble @ Bicester Heritage - 23rd JUNE 2019

    There are a few on twitter #superscramble. Had a great day at a great venue. And meeting a couple of new faces.
  13. bluejon

    Sunday Super Scramble @ Bicester Heritage - 23rd JUNE 2019

    Locked and loaded. Ticket bought... see you all at Tesco's.
  14. bluejon

    Sunday Super Scramble @ Bicester Heritage - 23rd JUNE 2019

    Just discovered the scramble is on this weekend. Now I'm back on the road I might be there... car needs a good clean up first tbough, and could do with some road time because I think I've a problem with lighting switches overheating.
  15. bluejon


    Who was it I spotted earlier? A silver S30, left-hand drive on black plates, I think L or M reg. I was so excited to see it I didn't look at the reg, and then I realised it was going round and round and round a roundabout as I passed. B4009 by the Shell garage nr. Princes Risborough in South...
  16. bluejon

    Black and White Number Plates

    My 6.5 inch black and silver plate has no overhang (see earlier in the thread). Like you I don't like that overhang look. Jonbills 7 inch version of yellow plates also has no overhang. I think those is your options. Sent from my EML-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. bluejon

    World Cup thread.

    The BBC Sport pre-World Cup prediction of the eventual winner was ... der der derrrr ... Belgium. Based on a number of variables having assessed previous world cups performance e.g. not being host helps you win, not being the previous winner, and lots of other things to do with goalies...
  18. bluejon

    What is this relay?

    Not sure if these things flip location between LHD and RHD, but there is a relay in that location on my drivers side (which would be RHD passenger side), I read somewhere to be the horn relay
  19. bluejon

    Car meet near Silverstone - Friday 8th June.

    If I'm back up and running by then I can probably make it.
  20. bluejon

    Quick help? lost clutch... tow home or...?

    Well this has turned into an interesting thread. It seems provision for towing/recovery is something lots of us overlook Not yet, will be a while.