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    Propshaft work and reccomended companies

    Used jw as well, no complaints
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    what to do with this

    Vids arnt loading for me, apart from the terminals you noticing a difference in power delivery for the new tune? Interested in alpha N vs new closed loop tune
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Saw some sad man watching the flying scotsman... idea what I was doing
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    'best' 240Z after-market coil-over kit ?

    I just took 20lbs off Johnnys setup because I'm a wuss
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    S30 240Z / 260z spares from rusty shells to switches

    On the off chance have you got door cards or broken/working radio?
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    New to 260Z ownership

    Haha the jokes! One of yours must be up for sale soon surely?
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    New to 260Z ownership

    I reckon having my 260 around made you realise they are much better cars and had to get one
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    I had the wiring diagrams from the ls430 but didn't find them that accurate, I found the 1uz stuff was better you just have to work out the wire color changes. Watch out for the key transponder position too it can be a bit picky. You keeping it throttle by wire I guess? Always love itbs on the...
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    Yeah that was an interesting loom to work out, just make sure you get the engine ground points back to the battery nicely. The cam signals are a bit picky
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    Silver rat look 240z

    So that's where the 3uz is going? You going to keep it auto or get a manual for it
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    240z - Right Hand Drive Conversion Project

    The Mini orange looks good, quite like the white as well to be honest
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    New Head Lights Installed

    Have a look at where the sidelight wire exits, if its the same as mine you need to trim the sealant to get it to sit flush in the location notches.
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    Project 240z gunship

    Great progress so far, well done
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    240z + 1JZ-GTE (manual)

    Do you have wood floor in your garage? That seems excessive even for you
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    Electrical glitches

    OK stupid question, why is there a garden hose in the car?
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    260z 7mgte

    Beep beep
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    New home for the Zedletts

    Be a lot more biscuits around if Johnny is at his own workshop
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    You interested in selling the spare wooden wheel in the boot?
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    Voltage regulators

    Yeah I worked that out just trying to get rid of my dials