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  1. stuart barrie

    Spotted 240z Scotland

    Spotted silver 240z looked like series one. Only got quick glimpse as it passed I seen the fuel flap with no lock. It was South bound on the A801 at Avon gorge at 16.45 today.
  2. stuart barrie

    s30 seen on car sos

    Car sos road trip While tim and fuzz were visiting a collection of classics at an old military base you can see a red s30 in the background looking like a bare shell looking good.
  3. stuart barrie

    260z 1977

    Anyone recognise this 260z got it for parts with no documents. There was no number plate with car. So anyone recognise it?
  4. stuart barrie

    260z No V5 log book

    I have a 260z with no log book and no reg number. I applied for v5 log book from dvla as I don't have the reg no the chassy and engine numbers mean nothing to them and not intrested in helping. Is there a way of finding out reg number from what I have? Anyone recognise from picture.
  5. stuart barrie


    Hi dose anyone know the 240z Reg FKG225M Curently in need of restoration orange with sunroof. Thanks
  6. stuart barrie

    Rear suspension out of line

    Got the front wheel alinment set up the guy at the garage pointed out that the rear was well out. I looked into this and found 10mm toe in. LH looks worse. Not any loose bushies that I can see. MOT pass in may. could have been like this when I got car (four years)
  7. stuart barrie

    Blow Of The Dust

    My 240 is now going much better. Has been off the road since the new year while getting head work done. Last year I fitted triple delortos and was recomended to get head work done. It has all come together now. Next step is roling road.
  8. stuart barrie

    Exaust Valve

    Anyone have an exaust valve for 240 engine early 73 for sale? Thanks
  9. stuart barrie

    E88 Head

    I have looked at previous posts regarding heads, valve size and camshafts there are early & late E88 heads fitted to the 240z engine but how can I tell the difrence.
  10. stuart barrie


    I have a 1973 240z it seams to be very low geard is this normal and what can I do to improve the setup. At 3000RPM a speed of 55MPH At 4000RPM a speed of 74MPH At 5000RPM a speed of 93MPH All in 5th gear Diff seams to be 3.9-1
  11. stuart barrie

    fuel additive

    I have a 240z 1973 and looking for advice on what fuel additive all you out there can recomend. I have been currently using Jet LRP. Or what to keep away from.