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  1. Woody928

    Bicester Scramble June 19th

    Hola amigo's, sorry that I've been absent from here for a very long time with other commitments. I'm actually getting back into the UK on the 18th June for a short period before disappearing again. I've just booked tickets for the 19th as well, it'd be great to catch up with any other members...
  2. Woody928

    260Z Project - 260Z GT-R

    Amazing to see what Dave has been busy doing since I last logged in here. His craftsmanship is truly spectacular, I can only dream of having a car with a shell as immaculate and solid as yours will be once finished. Really glad to see that you're still plugging away with the rebuild, I know...
  3. Woody928

    Jay's RB25 240z

    Dinatrol, I've got nothing but positive things to say about all of their products, you can quite easily do it yourself too. I know that feeling all too well!
  4. Woody928

    Japanese Performance Show - 29th August

    Bump, to ask for confirmation of final numbers? I'm being asked by the organisers... Looks like there is plenty of stand space if anyone would like to attend.
  5. Woody928

    Japanese Performance Show - 29th August

  6. Woody928

    T3 strut brace or alternative

    It's a long way off, however I've now worked out that I'll have mine off on the weekend of the 25th-26th September. Assuming you're happy to wait then you'd be more than welcome to swing by and try fitting it to your car, it'll be in Cobham.
  7. Woody928

    Fourways, 14th August

    Also planning on being there, will be good to see their new premises.
  8. Woody928

    The GOAT retires

    Sad day indeed, he is an absolute Legend. I'd love to have half the ability that he does! Very impressive that he's kept on his game for as long as he has, just a shame that at top level motorsport you become so reliant on having a good machine to work with.
  9. Woody928

    Ben's 280Z (Previously Owned By SacCyclone)

    Welcome to the club, looks like a really tidy car (as you'd expect from Mike). I wouldn't rush into a RHD conversion, if it's a good shell then why bother when you can better spend you money in more beneficial areas imo. I'd drive it and see what you think, I've been doing that and modifying...
  10. Woody928

    T3 strut brace or alternative

    Absolutely mate, how much of a rush are you in? It'll definitely be off next month however I could probably sort something sooner if you're keen to get on with. Just let me know... All in hand ;)
  11. Woody928

    T3 strut brace or alternative

    I'll be removing my TTT Tri Brace from the car in due course for my engine transplant. You'd be more than welcome to test fit it onto your car while I've got it off to see if it fits or not. I'm currently situated over in Weybridge if you fancy it, just need to find some space time as life is...
  12. Woody928

    Rolling road tuning

    You're literally just up the road from me! ;) Worked on my car with great success on a couple of occasions and is very familiar with Z's. Fourways Engineering pointed me his direction several years ago.
  13. Woody928

    Japanese Performance Show - 29th August

    All done :thumbs: Massive shame, it would have been great to have caught up in person! Sadly it seems the calendar is filling up stupidly fast right now, hopefully another opportunity will arise soon enough though...
  14. Woody928

    Japanese Performance Show - 29th August

    Hi All, It's been a very strange year to say the least however as per the title, this show is now running again for 2021. Our club stand which was postponed from last year has been carried forward so we currently have a stand for 10 cars, subject to demand I can increase this however I'd need...
  15. Woody928

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Thanks for confirming, that's great news. Thank you for the sound advice and link. I've certainly got some reading to do. I finally bumped into my neighbour in person today who gave it to me and he is going to help me test it out with his gas to find out if its any good before taking it any...
  16. Woody928

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Calling all of our metal work experts on here. I've just been gifted this MIG Welder through a contact on the farm where I work, its rather sadly been passed to me as part of a dead mans chest as I'd previously expressed an interest in learning to weld before. The PO's wife just wanted all of...
  17. Woody928

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Great all round road tyre in the wet and dry, you'll be very happy I'm sure. I'd love to see what they look like fitted as they could be on my list in the future for the Z. Sadly the Yokohama AD08R I'm currently using has been discontinued and replaced with the RS which has awful reviews from...
  18. Woody928

    Sound deadening

    More I'd estimate, I reckon you could easily add 30kg+ of weight in just dynamat extreme to get a full coverage before adding any foam layers of anything else on top of that which is a big part of it if you wish to do it properly. A bulk pack like this is just under 10kg for 3.34 square meters...
  19. Woody928

    Sound deadening

    Interesting subject, I'm not sure you can really do this job properly without adding weight! I personally don't give a monkeys what it looks like as you'll never see it under trim and carpet so I'd be looking at the modern options which are readily available. I've used silent coat in a number...
  20. Woody928

    Calling all Z newbies and curious others!

    What is the meaning of life?