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  1. JK240

    Gotta love their optimism.

    Ha ha, he did tend to 'forget' a few things I believe. Although I think looking at their online history they are both long gone. What date is that magazine advert do you know..? JK
  2. JK240

    Gotta love their optimism.

    Plenty of nonsense written in the advert as usual.... "There’s rare, and then there’s 1 of 1 rare!" There are three 2+2's on the Register and whilst I know most of that is inaccurate, one of them has been on eBay for the past year..... :EXTRAcool: And how can you ask £80k for a car that has...
  3. JK240

    Gotta love their optimism.

    GED 220N is up for sale again, at Torque GT. Where they get the valuation from I'm really not sure as this car was for sale at several dealers for about 3 years around the 45K mark and took an age to sell... JK
  4. JK240

    Ryan Struggles car for sale

    I'm not sure as I haven't asked, but perhaps Ryan has it on SOR with the dealer, with him asking for a particular return and them adding their margin and then fielding all the enquiries, etc..?
  5. JK240

    Ryan Struggles car for sale

    Amazing car, but £70k is a big asking price….!! JK.
  6. JK240

    Audio options

    I recently did this to the radio for my 510, bluetooth and twin USB sockets in the rear. Keeps the look yet allows audio streaming, spotify and phone calls, etc. Cost me just £145 plus postage, super service from the guy too, highly recommended. Cheers, JK
  7. JK240

    Is this for real....!

    I had to check my watch to make sure it wasn't still April 1st....!! JK
  8. JK240

    Any lottery winners amongst us...?

    Doing my weekly troll for 510 rarites on Yahoo Japan and Bingo Sports are having a fire sale... :cool: Enjoy, JK
  9. JK240


    Is that 'classic dealer' or classic 'dealer' Rich....? :EXTRAcool: JK
  10. JK240

    New year...time to get things moving

    I've had a few setbacks with my 510 build lately, but your picture reminded me why I'm going to persevere... ! JK
  11. JK240

    My 260Z Rebuild

    Looks stunning, love the colour...:EXTRAcool: JK
  12. JK240

    UK Z432 For sale

    Richie, I find it more sad and irritating that I'm an old bloke that's not rich....:D JK
  13. JK240

    UK Z432 For sale

    On Car & Classic this morning...! JK
  14. JK240

    Samuri History - LAL

    Hi Steve, No sorry I've no idea where the Capri is or even if it still exists..? I'm sure the Samuri Celica was found a few years ago and even mentioned on here somewhere, but I did search the forum and couldn't find anything...? JK
  15. JK240

    Samuri History - LAL

    Not sure whether you'll be able to see this Rob..? Also interesting to see Win driving the Samuri Capri and Whizzo driving a BMW for Mayfair Magazine.
  16. JK240

    Does anyone know this Z?

    Yeah :)
  17. JK240

    Nissan Sunny Pickup

    Have you bought Ronnie's truck..?? :thumbs: Cheers, JK
  18. JK240

    Another Shamuri ?
  19. JK240

    Competition Steering Wheel......problem with the horn

    Would something like this do the job ...?
  20. JK240

    Rare sighting today

    I'm on holiday in East Yorkshire this week and spotted a Z out in the open this morning...! It was a very dark grey and it had a small front reg plate...a bit like the style MZR use, but it was coming towards on a fairly fast B road so only got a quick glance..? Anyone out and about today..? JK