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  1. Pondo

    Help with MSA / Zstore order - pay by wire transfer?

    Pay the money to Mike and ask him to order it for you.
  2. Pondo

    Front towing eye

    I can’t say why Rob but I would prefer a metal eyelet.
  3. Pondo

    Front towing eye

    Thread bump…. I’m now in the position having fitted a spoiler to the front to rethink a towing eye. Shipping from the states seems ridiculous for a flat piece of metal. What’s my options? Did Sean ever make these?
  4. Pondo

    1973 Fairlady Z - refurb and fix

    Cars really coming on quickly, if you get stuck for an alternator Bristol auto electrical sell a 60A.
  5. Pondo

    Rare 72 240 grill

    Good to know, let me check with the wife.
  6. Pondo

    Rare 72 240 grill

    I’m very tempted by this but not sure my car has the brackets in the right place for the rare sport grill.
  7. Pondo

    Just a photo the z club members may ( or may not ) enjoy

    This one’s a favourite
  8. Pondo

    Seat upholstery kits

    This is always a concern and something to be factored in although Mike is great at hiding bits around the car and can probably bolt some bits onto the car even for you. Something else to take into consideration is that DCW do some great carpet sets, you might even get Romas to make you a...
  9. Pondo

    Battery cable and alternator upgrade questions

    I know BAE sell these.
  10. Pondo

    1973 Fairlady Z - refurb and fix

    Tell your friend there’s only one way to find out.
  11. Pondo

    Track rod end fouling rota wheel

    This is taken from the z store site which you have to click to say you understand when purchasing their bump steer spacers: I understand that these items were designed for wheels that are 7" wide or less. If purchased for a wheel other than 15" or larger, or greater than 7" wide, there are no...
  12. Pondo

    Track rod end fouling rota wheel

    You don’t remember which ones your running Gary? Are you also running coilovers?
  13. Pondo

    Mangolesti inlet manifold

    Hi Kenny, I have a set of 40s I’m just about to stick up for sale. Feel free to message me if your interested.
  14. Pondo

    Track rod end fouling rota wheel

    I think that the bump steer spacers work best on 15x7 or smaller, my understanding is if your running bigger than this they will foul….maybe get them machined down, or try them without and see if you need them.
  15. Pondo

    Coming SOON!!!

    I think the worry might be that if it doesn’t drive they have been known to load using a forklift. Hopefully if it’s being containered you won’t have that issue. Congratulations on your purchase. My advice would be purchase as much as you can that you think you might need…….for instance a...
  16. Pondo

    BC coilover and lowered cars question

    What did you decide in the end moggy, did you ever fit bump spacers or has it been fine without?
  17. Pondo

    Fuel Tank Restoration ?

    😆 Loving the use of the mixer…..that’s looking great.
  18. Pondo

    260Z Project - 260Z GT-R

    I know this has exceeded budget and time but this looks so well done. Thanks for posting up your progress Ian.
  19. Pondo

    Seats finished

    How you getting on with mounting the rails?