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  1. atomman

    Japanese Drag Z cars

    Watch out for your mates toes....... Not bad, in the 10's I like the way the red car looks pretty standard apart from an front spoiler and big rear tyres
  2. atomman

    another '432' For Sale

    Don't know how much that Uk based car was price wise , but this Japan car STARTS at what I work out as just over 115k S30's do looks great in White to
  3. atomman

    My Datsun transporter COE build

    Morning all, As some of you know I brought an Old 1954Ford COE truck last year in lockdown as I have always wanted one and needed another project to sink my teeth into to and it will also be handy to carry the 240z around on to hill climbs, shows etc, I'm starting to get some where now and...
  4. atomman

    How do you pronounce "Samuri" ?

    around 11.25 minutes...
  5. atomman

    Plastic under bonnet heater tubes - 3D print

    Found these the other day , some one has modelled up some replacements for the usually brittle and broken or missing under bonnet plastic air ducts in CAD , There not the same as...
  6. atomman

    Spotted - Orange 280Z Wales , Black Mountain

    Few friends spotted it up the black mountain om Sunday . thought it was me, Anyone's on here ?
  7. atomman

    260z RHD for sale

    Just seen this on Facebook for sale @ 2K I have seen this before on a 'spotted' or 'abandoned' page on there , I remember the rear wiper conversion Wonder if the reg will turn up..
  8. atomman

    Silverstone auction Datsun

    Harry put a vid up reviewing the auction
  9. atomman

    Subaru LSD Identification

    As I'm playing round with the R180 Subaru LSD's I thought I would take the time to get some photos so people can ID the different types if they want to use one, Here's them all lined up Left to right , Clutch LSD - SureTrak LSD - Torsen (Quaife basically) LSD Clutch type, you can see the...
  10. atomman

    NISMO Restoration program Don't think you can send them your 240z but this is a great thing for Nissan to do i think ,
  11. atomman

    10k for LHD to RHD conversion? Don't think you can send them your 240z but this is a great thing for Nissan to do i think ,
  12. atomman

    That Glorious S20 soundtrack

  13. atomman

    Barn hunters still in the UK

    There's a nice yellow Z , but they don't seem to notice its there , sure it was for sale the other month on FB with some bloke trying to 'flip' it a week later
  14. atomman

    Barn find hunter in the UK and finds a Z

    I do like watching Tom driving round the states in his woody finding old cars , seems he's been to the UK now and done some episodes , first one hes finds a Z.........................
  15. atomman

    Got a new drone the other day

    Brought a new mid cost drone last week , as my old one is over 5 years old now and with how fast tech moves these days was way out dated, The new one has a 4K camera built in 3 axis gimbal , 25 mins flight time, follow me etc etc , I've always wanted to do a video with my Z , like he ones...
  16. atomman

    RB head on L-Gata

    I have pretty much finished all those little jobs around the house , redone my camper van , done the garden etc So when an old thread came up on here the other day if twin cam RB head fit on L-gata engine's it got me thinking , Found one on eBay just up the road and made a cheeky offer and...
  17. atomman

    LD28's on ebay

    Forgot to put this on here couple of LD28's on eBay at the moment good for those stroker's...
  18. atomman

    Pretty Cheap Z project ? This sold earlier on eBay , for just over 6k I think it looked pretty good for the price compared to other's on the market at the moment, at least some of the work has been done for you , but I don't mind a LHD car, What's people...
  19. atomman

    Gearbox V tyre size V Diff ratio's

    I've been playing round with various Subaru diff ratios in my car , So I quickly knocked up a spreadsheet today so I could cross reference RPM with different combo's like tyre size , diff ratio, etc etc Anyways I thought this might come in handy for some people when choosing a rear diff ratio...
  20. atomman

    Drag Z 8.668 1/4 mile !

    From what I can work out it belongs to a Mr Eichi Itos and runs still runs a L gata (albeit highly modified) on ITB's Goes like a bat outa hell though :):):) 8.668 !!!