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  1. JK240

    Gotta love their optimism.

    GED 220N is up for sale again, at Torque GT. Where they get the valuation from I'm really not sure as this car was for sale at several dealers for about 3 years around the 45K mark and took an age to sell... JK
  2. JK240

    Ryan Struggles car for sale

    Amazing car, but £70k is a big asking price….!! JK.
  3. JK240

    Is this for real....!

    I had to check my watch to make sure it wasn't still April 1st....!! JK
  4. JK240

    Any lottery winners amongst us...?

    Doing my weekly troll for 510 rarites on Yahoo Japan and Bingo Sports are having a fire sale... :cool: Enjoy, JK
  5. JK240

    UK Z432 For sale

    On Car & Classic this morning...! JK
  6. JK240

    Rare sighting today

    I'm on holiday in East Yorkshire this week and spotted a Z out in the open this morning...! It was a very dark grey and it had a small front reg plate...a bit like the style MZR use, but it was coming towards on a fairly fast B road so only got a quick glance..? Anyone out and about today..? JK
  7. JK240

    Some sad news

    I have just heard that Peter Seward has recently passed away. I got the news from his wife Margaret earlier this morning. Peter was a such a lovely man, and he and Margaret came to every Donington event that I organised from the very beginning. His enthusiasm for the cars and the event were...
  8. JK240

    Which would you choose.....?

    So I'm looking for something to drive not as a daily but just for some fun whilst the 510 takes forever to get to a stage I can actually drive it and enjoy it. As some of you know it started as a rolling project but that ship has long since sailed... :D I've always had a soft spot for an old...
  9. JK240

    Water inlet

    Hi, I need a water inlet for my 510 as mine has seen better days. I ordered one from my local Nissan dealer in May, but it is yet to arrive so I've been looking for alternives and there are lots advertised for 240Z on US websites, however are they the same size? The items look very similar...
  10. JK240

    Win Percys Samuri 'Continuation' for sale!

    Not sure whether everyone will be able to see this facebook link, but the car that was built by for Win Percy as one of the Samuri continuation/evocation (whatever you want to call them) is up for sale with Kevin Irons...POA, but going by what they are asking for Sean's wheels I suspect it wont...
  11. JK240

    A story to rival Big Sam ;)

    This car, whilst I realise not a Z or even a Nissan for that matter, seems to have a back story to rival our very own Big Sam :cool: The story has it all, Win Percy, a re-shelled car, Silverstone and Barry Sheene chucked in for good measure...EXTRA:D Another car to add to the "If only I had...
  12. JK240

    Datsun 510 for sale (not mine).

    I have a friend who has a Datsun 510 1600 deluxe 4 door for sale. Imported from South Africa last year and as yet unregistered in the UK, although all the documentation is available to register in the UK, all tax/VAT/duty paid. Car is located near London and will be £10k. If anyone is...
  13. JK240

    Talbot Matra Rancho

    Absolutely nothing to do with Z's I realise, but I think this is being sold by a club member @Fairlineguy My dad had one of these when I was a kid and I loved it. He hated it though, he used to...
  14. JK240

    Rahail builds an 'Homage'

    Just as it says in the title :cool:
  15. JK240

    Yahoo Japan

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but who do people use for third party buying/bidding services on Yahoo Japan....? Recomendations welcome thanks. JK
  16. JK240

    My Latest Datsun

    Hello folks, Well after several years of non ownership I've got myself another Datsun, my latest project arrived just a couple of weeks ago before the lockdown kicked in thankfully. All the way from Johannesburg, I couldn't really afford another Z, and am very thankful I didn't blow my...
  17. JK240

    RHD Fairlady on eBay
  18. JK240

    More Donington News

    Another update Guys. We now have 30 cars signed up for the Saturday parade lap at Donington, which is brilliant, and I can also now confirm that Big Sam will be on the stand on the Saturday and heading up the lap for us. Great news I hope you'll agree and the lap is gonna look amazing...
  19. JK240

    Samuri Gathering Parade lap @ Donington Historic 2019

    Hi Guys, The organisers at Donington are giving us our own exclusive Z parade lap on the Saturday 4th May. We have been allotted up to 50 spaces (appropriate number) and will run ahead of and separate from any other cars that purchase a lap for that day. The club has agreed to pay for this for...
  20. JK240

    Samuri Gathering VII- Donington Historic Festival May 2019

    So it's the time of year to start looking forward to Spring and with it the show season opener. There has been much talk of the 50th anniversary this year so I'm hoping we can make the event a big one, with some special guests and hopefully our own parade lap, although this is still a work in...