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  1. Mr.G

    Tony Pond and Mansell battle it out in 1983

    Thought some of you may like this especially Rob Gaskin as it has Tony Pond in it. I miss watching racing like this....
  2. Mr.G

    Santa Pod 2021 Wall Planner

    Now wouldn't it be nice to be able to go to a few events this year, I guess that remains to be seen but the calendar is out now and i am sure subject to change, click below.... I personally hope to get to a run what ya brung this year...
  3. Mr.G

    Widest tyre wheel combo on a 240Z with stock arches and struts.

    Currently running 225/45/16 on the rear and that fills the stock arches up to the max with my wheels - don't have the spec to hand. Has anyone been able to go wider with stock arches and stock struts? I don't want to cut into the arches for flares hence want to know what's feasible keeping...
  4. Mr.G

    Collection of Z CLUB MAGAZINES

    Collection of Z Club Magazines with folders. Great articles and resource for any Z fan and you may find your old car in them. All in very good condition. These were passed on to me from Mike Feeney as someone had asked him to find them a home. Having read and enjoyed them for quite a few years...
  5. Mr.G

    Mike Feeney's Funeral - Tuesday, 10th March at 3.30pm, Gifford, Essex

    For anyone wishing to attend Mike Feeney's funeral, it will be held on Tuesday, 10th March at 3.30pm at Pitsea Crematorium, Church Road, Bowers Gifford, Essex, SS13 2HG. Looking forward to seeing those that can make it.
  6. Mr.G

    Meeting on Sunday 2nd February in honour of Mike Feeney (Mr.F)

    Sunday, 2nd February is the South East Z Group (SEZ) meeting which Mike organised for so many years. It was felt that this meet should be held in Mike's honour and thus provide an opportunity to show our respects and share memories of a great man who will be sadly missed. The meet will commence...
  7. Mr.G

    Zclub Drag Register Hall of Fame Register Revival

    The hall of fame Z Club Drag Register/Hall of Fame spreadsheet has not been updated since September 2015. If no one objects then I am happy to take on the task of keeping it up to date. Let's have your thoughts on this... The old register was very accurate as it only captured times that were...
  8. Mr.G

    Santa Pod get together in October 2019 - Sunday 20th October

    I know it's a long time into the future but no excuses for it to not be in your diary.. ! ;) Date: Sunday October 20th Event Name: Run What Ya Brung (Z Club get together) Where? Santa Pod Raceway, Airfield Rd, Wellingborough NN29 7XA Price? £10 admission or an extra £25.00 to sign on and...
  9. Mr.G

    S30 GTO Replica, record sale...

    Couldn't believe it:
  10. Mr.G

    Beltek Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 8 track player and radio C5700 rare

    Listed on ebay if of interest:
  11. Mr.G

    240z OEM electric fuel pump bracket

    I have listed on ebay a fuel pump bracket as found on US and Australian 240Zs. If of interest look here:
  12. Mr.G

    SOLD: Janspeed Turbo Exhaust Downpipe

    I've just listed a Janspeed Exhaust Downpipe on ebay if of interest:
  13. Mr.G

    R200 diffs (3.54 and 3.7)

    Choice of 2 x R200 differentials available (3.7 and 3.54). 3.7 has no diff cover. £300 each or £500 for both. Collection only from LE16, or could meet somewhere depending on distance.
  14. Mr.G

    Sept 16 Banzai - 240z turbo

    Just bought this months issue. Great looking car, nicely modded and retains a stock look from the outside. Well done Leo!:thumbs: Good effort also for running what looks like fairly wide tyres yet retaining the stock arches.
  15. Mr.G

    Toyota I quite fancy.... Enjoy the pics... there's plenty of them in high resolution too.
  16. Mr.G

    LHD to RHD Conversions

    Grateful for opinions on the following: Has anyone had a LHD car converted to RHD and regretted it? Or are you happy you did it? Has converting it over to RHD increased your insurance premiums since it's now considered modified? Is that the stance insurers take? Thoughts on...
  17. Mr.G

    Checking RPM at Idle

    What do you use? I purchased an inductive loop pickup for my Fluke digital multimeter and it doesn't seem accurate at all. It's also quite hard to follow what's going on, with a digital gauge. Any one had any success using an analogue meter? Can you recommend one? Yes I can use the...
  18. Mr.G

    Spotted on Classic Cars Spotted....

    Seen this just now on a facebook group I'm a member of called, 'Classic Cars Spotted'.
  19. Mr.G

    Tuning - air fuel ratio...

    Has anyone looked into getting a portable wideband data logger Ora's IMO,to exhaust gas analyser like the gunson? I was firstly looking into the gunson gas analyser but that only tells you how you're idle is doing and not how the car is behaving at different rev ranges, so I started looking...
  20. Mr.G

    Ethanol in fuels.. additive to combat it..

    Hi guys, Bardahl E10 Fuel Improver, has anyone used it/heard of it? If it does what it says on the tin then it may be worth buying a few bottles, will add an extra £3.75 on a full tank of fuel but worth it if it lives up to...