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    Fairlady at auction

    This is coming up at the CCA auction March 28.
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    Turning Japanese - again!

    For those of you who still remember me when I was on here with my 260Z, you may be interested to know that whilst I have still got my lovely 1968 Volvo 1800S I have also ventured back into the Japanese sports car market. I have just purchased this little mid-engined beauty to use as my every...
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    Got a new motor!

    Well, having parted with my 260Z a while ago, you may recall I bought a 1972 Rover 3500S. I have still got the Rover and drive it a lot, and I’m still into classic cars – but now I have retired I decided I also needed something modern on the driveway that I could use when the weather was bad or...
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    James May and 260Z

    For those who may have missed it the first time round, the TV programme featuring my (former) 260Z being driven by James May and Damon Hill is being shown again tonight (Mon) at 8PM on the Dave channel.
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    MOT exemption question

    As we know, from May cars over 40 years old that have not been substantially altered do not have to undergo an MOT test. However, owners can voluntarily put their cars through an MOT should they so wish - which seems like a good idea to me. But the question I can’t seem to get answered is...
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    No more history from DVLA

    I spotted this on a different forum and it appears to be true. Seems the DVLA will no longer provide you with historic information on your own vehicle. They will of course continue to sell information to the likes of parking endorcement companies . . ...
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    260Z sells for £25,000

    Only just seen this result from Anglia Car Auctions so apologies if it has been posted about before:
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    Miracle hand cleaner!

    Spotted this on another car forum I am on and thought I would share: This was a tip from a friend. I was pretty dubious at first, but blimey I was wrong! Vegetable oil! Forget Gojo or Swarfega for your hands. Use vegetable oil on your hands then washing up liquid with water. Works a treat...
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    Ban on petrol and diesel cars

    A lot in the papers today about all new petrol and diesel cars being banned by 2040. It is being described as 'the end of the internal combustion engine'. But what none of the papers or TV reports ever mention is the classic car scene - what impact will all of this have on the thousands of...
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    240Z for auction

    Don't know if anyone has posted about this before, but there is an LHD Datsun 240Z coming up for auction next week.
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    Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers

    For those who don't know, or who may have missed this when it was part of a different thread, Edd China is quitting Wheeler Dealers. And here is why, in his own words:
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    Sold my 260Z

    Well, today I sold my beloved 260Z. It was the weirdest feeling. I felt like I was betraying my loyal and faithful servant that had given me hours of pleasure and never let me down. I have had some amazing times with it, not least the James May/Damon Hill experience you all know about. As I...
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    Garaged - at last!

    Well after 5 years of living on my driveway under a cover, my 260Z is finally tucked up in a garage just as winter draws on. I have never been able to get my car into my garage before because it has been full of bikes, other gear, a tumble drier, fridge freezer etc etc. But I have now...
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    Message for Ian!!!

    Ian - can't message you as your inbox is full. You need to empty it! Just sent you the radiator cash as agreed. Sorry for the delay - my elderly Mum was taken into hospital and I have been run off my feet dealing with everything. If you are using a distribution company rather than Royal Mail...
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    Antiques road trip - would you lend your car?

    Don't know if any of you ever watch that Antiques Road Trip on the telly. It's the one where two antiques experts travel round the country - in a different classic car each week - buying items at antiques shops which they then try to sell at a profit at auction in a competition with each other...
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    Leather gearstick gaiter/boot

    Just put this on eBay if anyone is interested in bidding:
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    Clutch - advice please.

    A couple of nights ago I started up my Z (it has been standing for about a week) and found it didn't want to go into any gear. If I tried to select first it just made an unpleasant grinding sound. I pumped the clutch pedal a dozen times and it then went into first. I took it out and it drove...
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    260Z non-runner at auction - estimate £18-22k!

    Check this out - a 260Z which is a non-runner with 'blistered' paintwork up for auction with an estimate of £18,000-£22.000. It HAS covered only 8,000 miles . . .
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    The price is right?

    See image - this is from the latest issue of Practical Classics in their marketplace advice section. Shame then that in their online price guide they are STILL quoting a price of £15000 for a dealer/concours 240Z or £11000 for a condition one private sale!
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    Tatton letdown!

    So the big classic car show at Tatton in Cheshire on Sunday and despite Richie's best efforts, there has been so little support from members that the club won't even have a stand. We have been relegated to the general area where on Saturday just ONE car will be there (Richie's) and on the...