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  1. Pondo

    Kameari Valve Cover, "Datsun 2400" For Sale

    Hi, offering a Kameari valve cover (Datsun2400) for sale. It’s in a good condition, painted black……Looking for £350. Just for reference z store sell these
  2. Pondo

    SOLD: P90 Head for sale

    Hi, I have for sale a P90 head. It’s in good condition complete with valves. Looking for £350.
  3. Pondo

    Servicing light stalk

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get someone to service my light stalk. The headlights must have a lose connection as they can drop out when driving unless I wiggle the stalk. I wouldn’t mind the whole thing just being cleaned and spruced up but wasn’t sure if anyone knew who might tackle...
  4. Pondo

    Crank/Trigger wheel

    …..need some help, I’m changing to throttle bodies but if anyone can recommend a toothed crank/trigger wheel 36-1 (Double pulley) I would be most grateful. :bow:
  5. Pondo


    I’m always fascinated to see the price variations on these cars. This one is amazing I think for a 1973 car.
  6. Pondo

    Seat covers

    Hi, I don’t suppose anyone has any seat covers from the z store that they haven’t fitted? I’ve a set ordered but it looks like we might have to wait for them. If anyone either has a spare set they’re selling or would be up for me replacing theirs when mine turns up. Just means I can sort the...
  7. Pondo

    Rear strut brace

    I’m fitting a safety devices roll cage, this one has a harness bar. Question, is the rear strut brace needed anymore or is it now surplus to requirements? Many thanks.
  8. Pondo

    Air box velocity stacks

    After some advice, will be fitting the Z club airbox soon and have started thinking about velocity stacks and what people recommend or are running? I have triple Weber’s which had k&N filters previously fitted. I did purchase from kameari some 50mm stacks a while ago but never got around to...
  9. Pondo

    Murray Walker

    Sad to hear the news Murray Walker has passed away.
  10. Pondo

    You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

    We’ll we’ve had an exciting weekend which I thought I might share. Slowly I’m getting to know more of you through various meets and shows and sometimes I bring my 11year old son with me. Although he loves the Datsun he has always told me he wants a mini, when he’s old enough he’s going to buy...
  11. Pondo

    Rugby World Cup Semi Final Tickets and advice.

    Not sure if anyone is interested but I have a spare ticket going for both Rugby World Cup semi finals in Japan. I also have 2 tickets for the bronze playoffs. They are cat C tickets and are valued at over a thousand pounds. I’m open to offers if anyone wants them, or possibly willing to trade...
  12. Pondo

    Atwell-Wilson Car Show and Museum

    Well I’m sad to say I couldn’t make it on Saturday to Donnington, but as my 10 year old son was convinced he was going to win a mini that he had bought several tickets for in a raffle to support the Atwell-Wilson museum we decided we would go and see it being drawn today instead. Must admit we...
  13. Pondo

    Spotted at Bath and West

    I didn’t get to go but my mate was showing me his pictures of the Bath and West show from the weekend and he’d seen this nice looking green 240z. Is it known on here? It’s quite a local show for me but didn’t see any S30s the last time I went.
  14. Pondo

    Intro and Info

    Hi, So it’s about time I suppose I introduce myself although I have been lurking for a while and did get the chance to meet one or two people at Donnington last year. I’m based in Somerset near Bath so been enjoying seeing that we have a few S30 owners not so far away. I have just purchased...