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  1. Albrecht

    What's the concensus on bumper availability?

    I am putting back together my 4/70 production HLS30U 'Datsun 240Z' after a full repaint, and am in a quandary regarding the front bumper... I have the decent, straight and non-rusty original, but the 50+ year old factory chrome has worn thin and it really needs re-plating. I have been quoted...
  2. Albrecht

    Nissan debuts 'Custom Proto' version of new Z

    Today was the Press Day at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, and Nissan debuted its 'Customized Proto' new Fairlady Z show car. At this point it is a one-off styling exercise, elements of which may or may not make it to final production as either a special limited edition (hopefully) or as upgrade...
  3. Albrecht

    "Meticulously built" Datsun 240Z Safari Rally special.

    Of course, it's nothing of the sort. The latest of Larry Chen's Hoonigan AutoFocus love-ins is with collector Randy Jaffe: First tooth-itching moment - apart from the title - is when Jaffe describes Nissan's L-series engines as "tractor motors" and "Mercedes designed". Wow. The car in...
  4. Albrecht

    Martin Holmes, 1940-2020, RIP.

    Mr Martin Holmes, journalist, author, photographer, rally co-driver/navigator, curator, teacher. 1940-2020. RIP and thank you. Mr Martin Holmes and Mr Shekhar Mehta outside Old Woking Service Station in early 1973, alongside works rally car 'TKS 33 SA 7922', which Tony Fall had used on the...
  5. Albrecht


    Rings for sale. All sizes. Get your rings here. Rings.
  6. Albrecht

    LHD handbrake lever project

    Some will have seen me post this elsewhere, but I thought this might be of interest: One of my long-term project cars (a 4/70 production HLS30UV model) requires a few details that tip their hat to Works rally team practices and specifications. One of these is the re-engineering...
  7. Albrecht

    New book ('mook') 'Fairlady Z Story & History'

    Published on 24th October 2019 - the 50th anniversary of the S30-series Z's public debut at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show - a new 'Mook' (magazine/book) from publisher Motor Magazine Mook: 'Fairlady Z Story & History, Volume 1, The 50th Anniversary Chronicles'. Put together and edited by Mr...
  8. Albrecht

    Fairlady Z 432-R up for auction in Tokyo

    A genuine 432-R is coming up for auction in Japan. BH Auctions are timing the auction to coincide with people being in town for Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2020. This car is chassis number PS30-00289, built in 1970. It's not totally original, but most of the R-specific parts are present and it...
  9. Albrecht

    24th October 1969: The public debut of the new S30-series Z range.

    Today is the 50th anniversary of the public debut of Nissan's S30-series Z range at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show. Here's a link to a thread I started on the classiczcars forum for the 40th anniversary, which some might find of interest...
  10. Albrecht

    Pistonheads 'PH Meets' article - Fourways Engineering.

    Nice article on Fourways Engineering in the regular Pistonheads 'PH Meets' series:
  11. Albrecht

    ADVAN All Fairlady Z 50th Anniversary Meeting

    May 5th 2019: ADVAN All Fairlady Z 50th Anniversary Meeting at Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. This years meeting, organised by S30ZCAR.JP club and attended by many others, marked the 50th Anniversary year of S30-series models. A thunderstorm on the night before cleared the air and...
  12. Albrecht

    The Telegraph - 'Classic Datsun 240Z' article

    Published online 23rd November 2018, The Telegraph's Jeremy Taylor takes the Nissan UK test fleet 240Z for a drive in the Peak District:
  13. Albrecht

    A car with a dirty little secret...

    I spotted this car at the 5th May 2018 ADVAN All Fairlady Z Meeting at Fuji Speedway. A car with a Dirty Little Secret. I walked past it a couple of times when the bonnet was closed. Nice to see a C-GS31 still on its original steels and hubcaps. Blingtastic mirror treatment, but great body and...
  14. Albrecht

    1972 Fairlady Z for sale in USA

    What looks to be an honest 'barn find' 1972 Fairlady Z is for sale in the USA. Believe located in Michigan area: Looks like a good, honest example to me. Eminently viable as a good RHD import to UK, for sympathetic...
  15. Albrecht

    Rare 'Samuri' part. Valuation?

    Some time ago a very rare part came into my possession, and in the light of recent auction valuations I am now wondering what this artefact is worth. This is a throttle mechanism actuating rod from a 'Samuri' triple Weber 40DCOE conversion. As you can see, it still carries traces of the...
  16. Albrecht

    Another clanger in Octane Magazine...

    Octane Magazine have surpassed themselves again. Hot on the heels of 'Aesthete' Stephen Bayley's mistake-ridden Halberstam-lite article 'Zen and the art of the Z' in the December 2015 issue, Tony Dron has come up with an absolute classic. Dron - like Bayley - has a monthly column in Octane...
  17. Albrecht

    Can't add comment on 'Wanted' ad

    I just tried to post a comment in answer to a 'Wanted' ad on the classifieds, but when I hit the 'Submit' button my post disappears. Is this a glitch, or is it impossible to reply to 'Wanted' ads?
  18. Albrecht

    Market value of L28 engine?

    I'm looking for opinions on the current market value of an L28 'long block'. It's an N42 block / N42 head combination, never rebuilt, pretty much complete except for inlet & exhaust manifolds ( and all the injection gubbins.... ). Grubby and cobwebby but basically sound, stored without coolant...
  19. Albrecht

    LHD throttle linkage parts?

    Anybody have any LHD throttle linkage parts laying around that they don't want? I need the items ringed in red ( 17, 18 & 19 ) in the attached illustration, and would be most grateful if anybody could sell them to me. Please note that these are specifically the LHD version I'm after...
  20. Albrecht

    'Big Sam' - Octane magazine test

    The Octane magazine track day at Goodwood on Wednesday 19th May was used as the backdrop for an upcoming 'Big Sam' article. Mark Hales ( Mark Hales - Racing Driver ) took the wheel for several fairly hot laps, and will be writing the article. We can expect a favourable report, as he seemed to...