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  1. Mr Ex Jnr

    260z 280z Dash Clock

    Datsun 260z 280z clock for sale £80 am looking for
  2. Mr Ex Jnr

    2+2 shell
  3. Mr Ex Jnr

    Blue cam cover

    Spare cam cover painted blue £150
  4. Mr Ex Jnr

    260z door frames

    3x 260z door frames £50 for the 3x collected
  5. Mr Ex Jnr

    260z door bits and regulaters

    Not sure on year maybe someone else no but there deffo 260z maybe 280z bits I'd like £80 collected for them
  6. Mr Ex Jnr

    280zx head light pods

    £60 for the pair plus postage There no use to me :) all in order
  7. Mr Ex Jnr

    240z wheel for sale

    steering wheel One of my spare wheels I have gathered Given it some TLC Am looking for £425 Collect or post at extra
  8. Mr Ex Jnr

    Any Z wanna meet up Sunday

    Any Z about up Yorkshire fancy meeting
  9. Mr Ex Jnr

    72 BlueZ happy happy

    Sold the 2+2 other month and been on look for another Z Went view this 240z few weeks ago Happy to say I bought her very very happy and really doesn't need much welding over all I think she a gem am happy Here some pictures Won't start her till I have finished DaisyZ 240z off
  10. Mr Ex Jnr

    9j Atara Racing wheels

    So I have put these up for dale as I don't want to go down the Arch extension route So these are 15" 9j have some.poke on them Collection preferred £900
  11. Mr Ex Jnr

    SOLD: S14 box

    Have a few s14 box's and struggling for space :) Also need few other bits finish DaisyZ off a good S14 box painted up silver Drift lads destroyed these box's so hard get box's Not after offers Collection preferred £1000
  12. Mr Ex Jnr

    Old man's 240z for sale at auction

    My old man owned this 240z at some point have a picture of him :) On car and classic
  13. Mr Ex Jnr

    260Z 280z Dash

    Rhd 260z dash Has a mark on it Pretty mint other than that As shown in pics this was in the 2+2 but have a different dash now £875
  14. Mr Ex Jnr

    High lift Cam

    Cam is fit road rally spec shnider cam 270 duration similar to what spike used Good condition not used came with job lot of bits i bought for my project £350 looking for will post it too :)
  15. Mr Ex Jnr

    240z Air ride

    240z Air ride up for grabs Will bolt straight up no messing Just needs hard lines running to where you locate you air tank You could run this on manual valve very cheap way to get air ride Looking for £2000
  16. Mr Ex Jnr

    S30 tailgate

    Came off my 240z It has good seems and edges There bit of rot around bottom of window Looking for £500 collected Holmfirth West Yorkshire Fit 260z 280z
  17. Mr Ex Jnr

    N42 head

    N42 head Hard come by It's complete minus the cam £500
  18. Mr Ex Jnr

    Holmfirth Oil Can Cafe

    Seen it on Facebook over weekend There is a Z meet happening 5mins from me I live less than 5mins from the oil can cafe/ the carding shed It was on jane mcdonald my Yorkshire Any way Z Zx meet there 13th March anything z zx welcome Am taking 240z down there meeting them there for 11.30
  19. Mr Ex Jnr

    240z Rhd dash

    Crack Free dash As seen in picture is how it comes There no replica dashs out there Good dashs are hard come by No low balls if it for Lhd to Rhd car it will pay off buying this dash There very rare to come across now £1750 buys it collection preferred
  20. Mr Ex Jnr

    240z rear light covers

    Good shape 240z light covers £100