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  1. Aiden J

    1977 LHD 280z - Fresh Californian import

    Sold as a rolling shell for restoration. Fresh Californian import 1977 Datsun 280z. Left hand drive Comes with all glass (crack in the windscreen) and original rear louvres. Rolls freely. No engine or transmission. Comes with diff and back axles. Will need work done to floor pans and door...
  2. Aiden J

    Fuel sender unit

    I'm looking for a fuel sender unit (non digital dash) if anyone has one? I've just taken the old one out from the tank after it sat for 6+years with fuel around it and its not in the best shape
  3. Aiden J

    New fuel pump

    Great. I’ll have a look at that one.
  4. Aiden J

    New fuel pump

    Needing to replace a fuel pump on my '79 280zx. Has anyone done this and got any recommendations for a brand? The oem part number is 17011-P7211
  5. Aiden J

    Vacuum line sizes

    Hello I’m just in the process of renewing a few things before I get the car running. Can anyone tell me the size of the vacuum lines needed? A lot of them are split from the California heat / age Fuel line sizing as well? 1979 280zx And a final question. Is there a way to prime the oil...
  6. Aiden J

    How many 280zx

    Here's mine. US import 1979, 1 owner 56k miles The paint is a lot more peely now it has felt the scottish climate. I need to work on getting the windscreen leak proof, repairing the rust under the windscreen and theres a leak in the back hatch somewhere... :nopity:
  7. Aiden J

    280zx air bag suspension

    Has anyone air bagged a 280zx in the uk? What supplier did you use?
  8. Aiden J

    MSA uk stockists?

    Hi I know since Mikes passing there leaves a hole in a UK parts supplier. But I was wondering if anyone know of someone stocking the MSA type 2 bumper and skirts for the 280zx in uk?or the gnose...
  9. Aiden J

    Registering a US import in UK

    That’s me sent it over to the email address!
  10. Aiden J

    Registering a US import in UK

    Ah. I’ve just seen the dating letter part of the forum. IGNORE ME!
  11. Aiden J

    Registering a US import in UK

    I have a “notice of transfer and release of liability” vehicle model is HS130-120007
  12. Aiden J

    Registering a US import in UK

    It’s on my list of things to do!
  13. Aiden J

    Registering a US import in UK

    Hi all in the process of registering an import 280zx from California in the UK. I bought it off someone who had imported the car but not registered it. Now that fun task is down to me. The DVLA are looking for proof of date of manufacture. How do I best go about this? Can someone on here right...
  14. Aiden J

    Window louvres - uk stockist?

    Hello in search of window louvres for my 280zx. Is there a UK stockist for them? Preferable metal type
  15. Aiden J


    Hello please bear with me as I’m new to all this and everyday is a learning curve. I’m looking to lower my 280zx. I guess the best way would to go down the adjustable coil over route rather than slamming it on shorter springs? Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not at the level where I’ll be taking...
  16. Aiden J

    I’m a newbie 280zx

    Will do Huw! cheers
  17. Aiden J

    Ignition barrel

    I’m looking for a new ignition barrel and key. Anyone point me in the right direction? Previous owner has lost the key
  18. Aiden J

    I’m a newbie 280zx

    Hello all just in the process of buying a 79 280zx. Excited to get going with it. What’s the best sites to get parts from for the UK? I’m needing a new ignition barrel + key as the previous owner has lost the key. Any help?