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    260z 2+2 rhd

    Pretty sure that an ex member called Don has one for sale.:leaving:
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    Navigating a nut-and-bolt restoration.

    Apart from the obvious tools and things that you will need, make sure you have a good supply of sealable plastic freezer type bags and a few good Sharpie pens so you can bag up and label all the little screws, bolts and fiddly things that are easily lost.
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    Fairlady Z432 at Sothebys

    Some interesting things here. Even a build your own 432.
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    Nice bodykitted 2+2

    Older cars always seem to have that extra bit of class about them. Is that the firing sequence printed on the rocker cover?
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    Rebuilt MGBV8s

    Does the new barking system stop it from being an old dog?
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    LHD Rally 240 on Pistonheads

    At that price does it have about 80 grand in the boot?
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    Tis a shame but, I have loved following this thread. As much as I have tried to champion Don in his efforts, sadly it looks like he now has an unsellable car. If anybody is interested in it, then asked a question on here about it then they would probably run a million miles. He has probably...
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    280zx on Ebay - Shame about the front grill

    Maybe just me but the wheels look oddly positioned in the side on photo. They don’t look very central to the wheel arches.
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide. After all the work, chat and banter.....why?
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    God, how I missed this thread when there was not much happening for a few months. Normal service has resumed! Seconds out... :party:
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    World Cup thread.

    Germans should just give up now. That’s twice now that they have failed to reach Moscow!;)
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    Judging by all the fur trim involved I’m guessing that this will be your driving attire!
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    Anyone fancy a resto project?

    How much is it realistically worth in parts for a rhd conversion. Roof might be salvageable also.
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    Spot the z

    Bit long but spot where the bogeyman appears behind.
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    Which colour of T cut should I use?

    This will need more than t cut, could be a few usable parts on it though.
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    Which colour of T cut should I use?

    Don could fix that and have it on the road by next weekend!
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    How Many Miles Do You Do A Year In Your Z?

    In the 2 years that I had my 280zx, I done just over 40,000 miles. Loved it that much that I had to go on a long drive in it every single day.
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    2+2 260z ebay

    Whats this that popped up on the same page...
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    Janspeed turbo kit

    My 280zx had a Janspeed turbo fitted when new. It was down on the registration documents as a Targa Turbo Sports. When I bought the car I knew nothing about mechanics (still dont) but as I now know the previous owners done nothing to protect the turbo and letting it ease down for a bit before...