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    “Restomod” S30s - who’s got / built one?

    I have all the necessary rhd conversion parts available if needed. regards, Mark.
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    1984 300ZX Turbo bonnett

    Interested, will wait for pictures.
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    240z 5-speed gearbox for sale - £250

    Correct me if I'm wrong but is this for a very early car with the flange propshaft mount rather than the more readily available push on yoke type arrangement?
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    Scuttle rubbers

    Have some used ones available.
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    Any interest in heated windows with blue tint?

    Could be interested in a couple of months too
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    Inner Fender Panels

    Have found these 4, one plastic and 3 used metal ones but they all seem to be the same side, they appear pretty solid although some have a few battle scars from being removed etc
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    Inner Fender Panels

    I'll see what I have I know there are a couple of metal ones and a plastic one somewhere, but would need to check and see condition etc. Regards, Mark
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    My first classic (part-refurb) '78 280z, LHD, auto, Ex-California

    Have some bits on your list, Gearstick, gearbox gear stick inner boot, pedal box, tunnel boot retaining ring, gearstick gaiter clips, Regards, Mark
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    SOLD: Fuse Box

    Yes please
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    Breaking Z31

    I did see this post on Facebook and made contact with the seller, who replied and sent some prices for the parts I was after, don't know if it's a scam as the conversation we had has now been deleted from messenger and the seller said he was in Windsor which is different from the ad!! You here...
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    They don’t build ’em like that any more… E10

    i have a couple of those too, great cars, vi have found them to be very robust too aside from a few issues.
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    Racing steering wheels

    Are those some g nose headlight covers with chrome surrounds? I wonder how much? I could do with some of those beauties.
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    S30 FAN

    Have lots of fans available if you need any. Regards, Mark
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    Uk RHD 240z Stage 1 of resto complete

    Looks lovely Kieron, congrats to you and the team for getting it to this stage in a relatively short timescale.
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    SOLD: Few parts for sale

    Possibly interested in the arches. Cheers
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    Uninsured driver options

    Looks like the same gnose I have!!
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    Cheapest repro 240z indicators?

    Have both original units and lenses plus some repo lenses. Have collected parts and broken several cars up recently. Regards
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    Cheapest repro 240z indicators?

    I have plenty of these available too, if you don't get sorted with Status.
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    280z On UK Roads - Brake Lights

    I have these new indicator lenses if you just wanted to change the red lenses to orange on the rear lights of a 260z/280z