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  1. toopy

    '73 S30 Headlamps and Euro travel

    No because they are designed with LED in mind, the OEM look they have (it costs extra!) is purely aesthetic.
  2. toopy

    '73 S30 Headlamps and Euro travel

    If you want the OEM look, go with the units above but stick with conventional Halogen bulbs, if you want LED go for something built specifically for that purpose, so more modern looking. Powerful LED bulbs don't play nice with the old style units because the beam focusing is all wrong and the...
  3. toopy

    Best way to refurb sump pan?

    I'll take one so you can recoup some costs? I have a spare somewhere but if memory serves, it's a cork type!
  4. toopy

    Moving from US to UK with my 240Z

    Mine is 90's built, double length, half pitched roof, bare concrete floor, door at the end into garden, garage door is snug but not sealed, no insulation anywhere. It has lots in it, ironically no room for the car! and yes it can get rather cold, but i have never had any damp and nothing seems...
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    Moving from US to UK with my 240Z

    I think properly sealed is ok as long as there is absolutely no chance of any damp, and the temp never drops below 10 degrees C, so heated basically. Draughty as in the usual type garage door with small gaps here and there, especially the bottom, and your better off having vents elsewhere to...
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Z Power Steering in the states
  7. toopy

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Yes you do, but if it's turned up to the max it's too much and felt a bit 'floaty' if that makes sense. I adjusted it down so that it's still easy to turn with one hand but there is still some weight to the steering movement. If it developed a fault or the power supply was interrupted for some...
  8. toopy

    Daikou Nights @ Caffeine and Machine

    Same, i always think of the blue car when ever i see a post/comment from Jay :)
  9. toopy

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    man handling the joy stick!! fnar fnar I tend to drive with one hand most of the time, even in my daily auto when i don't need to, my left hand is generally resting on the selector.
  10. toopy

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Well.... unsurprisingly driving the car with power steering is AMAZING! drove most of the way home, about 15 miles, using only one hand, roundabouts and slow turns were a joy, money absolutely well spent. I can now enjoy the drive and concentrate properly on other things, like not crunching 2nd...
  11. toopy

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Car has been at Fourways since before Xmas and I'm picking it up tomorrow morning, will be my first drive with the new electric power steering fitted:driving: Also very much looking forward to hearing the new exhaust too!
  12. toopy

    How to use and decode Nissan part numbers for hardware (fasteners, etc.)

    One of these thread pitch gauges is extremely useful :)
  13. toopy

    Very very cool electric car

    :D It's like an amusement park roller coaster you drive yourself, looks like great fun to spend 5 minutes hooning about in for sure.
  14. toopy

    Electric 240z......Late brake show....

    I mean..... who the hell wants a silent classic, especially a sporty one? 0 - 60 mph has never bothered me, it's more about what you get there in, even if it apparently takes an eternity of 10+ seconds!
  15. toopy

    280zx Coolant leak

    For something that earlier cars have managed perfectly well without, can't you just blank it off either end? or is it a keeping it looking as factory as possible kinda thing? In which case fair enough ;)
  16. toopy

    “Restomod” S30s - who’s got / built one?

    Restomod to me is as it says really, restored and modified. So a fairly standard looking car, but with some modification like, wheels, tyres, lowered suspension, spoiler, bonnet inspection flap vents, ITB's, fuel injection, engine tweaking but keeping it L6 etc. Stuff that adds some modernity to...
  17. toopy

    Happy New Year to all

    Not exactly a happy new year for me, as a very close friends wife and a relative are both currently receiving palliative care 😔 The car however is spending the festive period amongst similarly shaped friends in Fourways unit! :thumbs:
  18. toopy

    Merry Christmas y’all!

    Merry Christmas & a Zedlicious new year to everyone 🎄🍻🍷
  19. toopy

    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Yes that additive is perfect, 10 mins would be more than enough but if your going to start it, best to let it run till up to temp anyway. Any fuel, E5 included can cause problems when it goes off/stale, so best to use something rather than nothing if the car is sitting. E10 is more of an issue...
  20. toopy

    Engine drain block

    On that note, what do people do with the drained fluid? The last couple of times I've taken it to the local tip for recycling, but not all places accept that sort of thing. Back in the day with previous cars it just got drained into the kerb! :oops: