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  1. ddhchp

    Does anybody want Headlight Covers?

    Hi Can you put me down for 2 pairs please? Dean Halsey
  2. Datsun Stripes

    Datsun Stripes

  3. 240 Sporty In Action-1

    240 Sporty In Action-1

    240 Sporty at work Visit where you can see a whole lot more. Dean
  4. ddhchp

    Circuit des Remparts 15/16/17th Sep 2017

    Hi I will be racing there next year in My BRE 240Z. The Mecure is the Hotel in the middle of it all get in quick it may allready be booked? Dean Halsey
  5. ddhchp

    Dean Halsey racing at Donington

    Oulton Hi Call me the day before 07774116552 may have some tickets. thanks Dean
  6. ddhchp

    Dean Halsey racing at Donington

    Donnington Spin Hi All. Autopsy shows nothing so we believe it was due to being at 116MPH on the white line with some left steering and lifting off the gas.This is the best we can come up with. We have some brakes fine tuning to do but this was not a brakes issue. Thanks all for your support...
  7. ddhchp

    S30 240Z / 260z spares from rusty shells to switches

    Hi Have you ant R180 diffs preferably 3.9 ratio? Dean
  8. ddhchp

    Circuit des Remparts 15/16/17th Sep 2017

    Hi I am already booked to be there not sure if it will be in the Z I hope so. I am on a tour but would love to hook up with any z persons if they are there. Regards Dean Halsey
  9. ddhchp

    Starting problems

    Starting HI From the vid sounds like fuel starvation. Try removing the fuel pump and actuate it manually loads from cold one morning until you feel the petrol is pumped up to fill carbs.Re fit and try a start then if that works. replace the diaphragm or the whole thing. Dean Halsey.
  10. ddhchp

    Standard brake discs

    Hi I have a good set offer a fair price and come and pick up? Dean
  11. ddhchp

    Tech articles

    Hi Steve I have Lens old 240z and have spent lots of money on her and still spending. The help I need is with my new 123 programmable Dizzy I have a Rebello 300 BHP engine on dyno and around 243 at the wheels with triple 45 DCOE. I have had good success with this new dizzy and have what I...
  12. ddhchp

    Which club events

    Voting Hi Steve. Nice vote system its good to see the graph well done. Thanks for the club work you guys do. Drean Halsey.
  13. ddhchp

    Engine Rattle

    Dean halsey Hi Here is somthing to look at take of the valve cover and look all the way down to the crank journall. There you will see a SKEW gear my one was cracked causing the same noise in the same area. Easy Job remove the pully remove the seal and remove the gear and replace it and the...
  14. 2011 12 17 38303

    2011 12 17 38303

  15. IMG 0505

    IMG 0505

  16. New Fun Engine

    New Fun Engine

  17. IMG 0505

    IMG 0505

  18. ddhchp

    Battery Drained!

    Try this. Hi Unplug your alternator when the car in standing and see if the battery retains its charge? Best Regards Dean Halsey.
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