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  1. steven lack


    pc is on its last legs and having a restructure i'll be back on asap , its only temporary matey
  2. steven lack


    i'll be off line for a while guys and girls , so if you need to call me on mob or at home see ya soon
  3. steven lack

    Another non-starter !

    Put Some Fuel Innit
  4. steven lack

    2006 F1 Competition

    i'll be up for joining in the comp this year , a fee to club funds for entry good idea only open to those who are in it from the start and this year seans points total dont count emergency plan alpha well how else am i gonna win , i'm sure you cheat you always did at monopoly...
  5. steven lack

    Lets make the z famous again...

    quoting suzy: "Ahhhhh just painted a picture of another committee member stripping" i wonder who that could be mr burns dont you?
  6. steven lack

    happy birthday

    wish i was 34 seriously , hope you have a superb day steve
  7. steven lack

    nice looking car

    only thing i would of changed are the lights other wise fantastic how wide are the rear wheels????????
  8. steven lack

    Track time at Japfest

    damn shame there isnt a way they can close the circuit even for 3 laps to let race cars round , would make the day even better for everyone including organisers punters all us car nuts i think ben suzy's gonna say deffo to your offer my son be really nice to see you there and catch up steve
  9. steven lack

    Your Best Z Memory

    ben dont forget thundering around zandvoort blissfull sight
  10. steven lack

    Track time at Japfest

    suzy , provisionally i'll have a slot , preferably the 1pm 1 and maybe an am 1 too sean are you going and status if you get behind sean , there will be so much hot air coming out from behind him you can redo you hairdo
  11. steven lack

    Your Best Z Memory

    although showing sean how to go round goodwood in the wet was right up there , but doesnt count as we were in my capri , ask him about my driving line threw shell who remembers the blind duck driving trials at billing so much fun but wouldnt of been able to do it without sean as my eyes...
  12. steven lack

    Your Best Z Memory

    seriously my best memory was probably being driven to brighton at midnight in dads new 1978 260 2+2 lots of drifting and opposite lock all the way to brighton i was 13
  13. steven lack

    Your Best Z Memory

  14. steven lack

    Track time at Japfest

    maybe skiddies car is lighter but if he is fast enough on approch to the crest/hill he'll get more air than the rest of you and leap froggy the lot of you into the first corner
  15. steven lack


    ive got a spare can of sray paint you can have paul or better still get them made out of 9 carat
  16. steven lack

    Happy Birthday richiep

    have a great day , all the best
  17. steven lack

    EAS 2005 - Pics

    fab pics dave
  18. steven lack

    Track time at Japfest

    castle coombe i think young man
  19. steven lack

    First Thames Valley Area meet - Feb 2006

    hi ian great idea , but which sunday is best for you matey you cant please all the people all the time so as with all proposed meets you choose the day and those of us that can come will come good luck