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    Canadian Zpuppy

    @ Arkwright,,,LMFAO :lol::lol:Well put mate ! And as far as the S30 is concerned,,I think it's about time I spend a few years sweating my ass off restoring one LOL :-)
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    Canadian Zpuppy

    Hi all ! Miss you all loads ! Am now back in southern Ontario Canada and hunting down another Z This time its gonna be an S30 ! Hope everyone is well and happy and will keep checking in :-) :driving:
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    Just a Joke

    Newfie jokes as compared to paddy jokes Mikey was driving west on his way to Toronto to find work, as he was about 4 hrs drive away he seen a sign that clean washrooms ahead,,,,poor ****** cleaned 27 of em before he hit town . :D
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    Well it did not fall off

    Love your nurse !!!! and glad all went well matey !!! :):thumbs::thumbs:
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    Any Terry Reid fans out there.

    Jealous I am young Luke ! ( said in my best yoda ) :cheers:
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    Any Terry Reid fans out there.

    Damn,,I picked a ****** time to move back to Canada then didn't I ??? :eek::(
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    Chrome Lotus Esprite Turbo

    That,,,Looks so nice ! :thumbs: I wouldn't have thought it,,but I like ! Miss ya buddy ,,,across the pond in Canada now,, but hope to get back for a visit mid winter :-)
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    New member needs advice

    :) On the Z31 it does state that it's ok with limited speed and distance,,however I would shy away from flat towing at all costs,, just not worth risking trans damage due to low lubrication :cool:
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    DO NOT DO IT ! Unless your a chemical scientist it is possible to have an immense cock up ! :eek:
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    Os giken tc24-b1z

    About the same price as a really decent original 240z :eek::eek:
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    Os giken tc24-b1z

    I have gotta have one,,,SERIOUS money though :eek: But gawd daaaam, the engineering that went into that beast,,,it is actually " engine porn " :eek: :thumbs::thumbs:
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    Wheels too big

    Couldn't agree with you more mate,,,, put 18" by 9.5's on mine and promptly took em thee hell off after 2 weeks,,,absolutely bloody dangerous, even in light rain( mildy moist ) as they say on "top gear" :eek:
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    300zx z31 fitting z 32 engine

    Do-able but almost everything will have to be changed, actually the mind boggles kinda :eek: Complet electrics and ecu for a start, then start looking at drive train, mounts, exhaust, fuel system,etc !
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    300ZX Z31 front wings 83/89 Bad news NLA

    Give your mate my number please mate,,Reid on 07923 428615 I can collect with a flat bed :) Cheers !
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    Japfest 2013 May

    Sorry Marco,, mines an 86 300zx ,,but in all modesty you will be surprised what a little careful porting work and re-machining of the valve body on the the trans can do for an old 3 litre n/a ! :eek: :driving: