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    Interesting 1972 Z…

    I thought the windows open created low pressure in the car and pulled in fumes if there were any leaks through the back end?
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    Gotta love their optimism.

    That's because it's got flat tops!
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    Weatherstrip Kit :(

    Just went on to ZCarDepot and they are back out of stock! That was fast.............
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    Weatherstrip Kit :(

    ZcarDepot just emailed me they have some back in stock?
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    Electronic ignition, which one??

    Is the US site linked to 123 or are they just clever resellers?
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    replacement battery

    On my 280 the positive in not under the wing anymore as the PO put an isolator in the glove box and must have added lead length then. The positive lead looks original though.
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    replacement battery

    Wish I'd found that one!
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    replacement battery

    I just picked up one of these £92.50 delivered and it fits the factory mount
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    I'm going 1JZ

    Looks like Sean has some competition in the exhaust market. Sounds awesome!
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    Temp Sensor

    Thanks Here is what mine looks like. Have taken it up to temperature now and no leak, it just surprised how far away the seal is!
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    Temp Sensor

    I just fitted a new temp sensor to a 280Z and it does not screw all the way in until the seal hits the housing. The seal sits about 2 turns short of the housing but does not seem to leak, have not run it right up to temp yet. It is the newer one piece sensor - if anyone wants a new sensor that...
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    240Z wheels and Tyres

    Turbo Vec or Cyclone Hurricanes?
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Please Graham Was going to get some photos today but I think you'd left before I came back out!
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    240Z/260Z/280Z wiper motor upgrade

    Hi Keiron If it's still going I'd like it please. If you are going to make it to Castle Combe I can grab it then or pop over and collect. Car is safe to drive now so going on progressively longer journeys! Jim
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Any idea what wheels and rubber are on the 260? They fill the arches really well.