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    Anyone going to Glamis classic car show this weekend?

    Hi are you planning on going this year I have booked my other car to be on display at show as 240z is still in serious state of repair.
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    Carb Rebuild

    Scotcarb here in Scotland search on facebook this was friends set done last year this picture taken from his build thread.
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    Ball joint help

    Looks like the play is between the taper on the joint and the lower arm. If the arm is worn the nut bottoms out on the taper and will never get tight. Compare with other side and look at number of threads above nut.
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    Any 240z owners in Central Scotland?

    The 240 is obviously not coming out to play but the Sigma will be ready for a run.
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    1973 Datsun 240z (L28) US import restoration

    Just a thought get the battery charger ready to go once back together. How bad would it be to get rebuilt then need to wait until the next day as battery charges up.
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    Now for something new lockdown toy!

    Guess you need the carbs back and some better weather to check how they are performing.
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    Choke setup

    I got cable from bike shop designed for tandem which was long enough to go from standard choke lever on centre console out to engine bay under carbs loop up to front carb and connect through to all carbs might have picture somewhere.
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    I done the wheel bearings for Graeme -CZ I might have part numbers on boxes of Graeme might have numbers.
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    Here we go again Derricks 260z restoration

    I made it, took some time making sort of template out of wood and using press at work. Need to make one for other side.
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    Here we go again Derricks 260z restoration

    Here are some of what I have had to rectify on my UK 240z. Inner sill made from sctarch.
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    Knocking. Argh

    Yes that is what was loose with the insert moving in strut tube.
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    Knocking. Argh

    As Graeme said above I done his and when I striped them the gland nut at the top of strut tube was loose. I think 50mm spanner required in through spring to check no stripping required.
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    S30 rear suspension spindle pins

    Graeme this is what you need for rear if still available.
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    L24 and box on ebay - converting to electric

    New electric charge location near me falkirk stadium space for 26 cars. Things are going electric for mainstream. L24 for fun.
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    240z diff replacement or refurbishment?

    I believe the diff already installed is R200 not checked ratio. As the engine is L28 entire drive train probably from 280Z