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    z31 steering knuckles wanted asap

    hi, looking for some steering knuckles from a z31...cheers
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    z31 standard rear springs WANTED

    as above...need some rear springs...cheers
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    I busy building one at the moment but its getting Toyota Altezza engine in it and a cage!
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    240z 1 owner car

    yes....just another dissapointment on the Bay !! be nice if someone actually turned up!!
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    brand new 240z speedo

    I have also listed some other parts on Gumtree.....cheers
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    brand new 240z speedo

    I have a brand new 240z speedo..has minor storage marks....These can be bought in the US for $800.......£250??
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    240z 1 owner car

    yeh...buyer backed out after giving a deposit......
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    z31 interior for sale

    blue cloth interior...not the dash.....good condition :)
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    z31 blue cloth interior for sale

    I am stripping my z31 interior cloth..good condition...:)
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    240z 1 owner car

    Well I was really on about mint shells...if I had a poor condition one that was never going to be original..then out would come the grinder! :thumbs:
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    240z 1 owner car

    I hear where you are coming be honest I would never do it to a rhd car......
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    240z 1 owner car

    And I also know of a man very recently bought a 1970 car rust free almost immaculate....and has started cutting it etc for a rally car.....everyone to their own
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    240z 1 owner car

    Really wasnt a hard decision for me.......worse thing was chosing which blade to use!
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    240z 1 owner car

    This is the thing with the zed's...they appeal to the young and old.....the young tend to modify the old not so much.....its why they are so popular!