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    1973 Fairlady Z - refurb and fix

    Hi Richie, do you know how you could find out the shipping for such an item????? Does the proxy bidder assist with shipping or ship quotes??
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    Help with MSA / Zstore order - pay by wire transfer?

    "your order is set to ship once the items are in our inventory".....sounds like they are missing some of the items from inventory?? As I have already agreed to, send me the money and I will place the order......I'm a frequent flyer at MSA.
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    280z Cranks but won't start

    So i learned from my mechanic last year that the AFM has a breaker point type switch in it which activates the electric fuel pump.....a couple of taps on the AFM with the end of a screwdriver handle did the trick on more than one occasion with your car Ben. The other area is a box under the...
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    S30 Horn Date Codes

    I guess we have the V=1972 down pretty good. Thanks, Jon
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    S30 Horn Date Codes

    Also found that very early horns were painted a drab olive green and a change was made to black at some point.
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    S30 Horn Date Codes

    So, today I opened some of the parts bins that I have for various years of S30 cars and located several S30 horns. I was able to locate the date codes stamped on the back of the horn body but am having a hard time figuring out what the date codes actually mean in years. Did a little research on...
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    280z project

    I would not disregard the standard brakes on the 280z and run to the big name brake people out there. I have a 240 with triple carbs, head work, and exhaust with R888 sticky tires and I ran factory brakes components on the track with very good results....over 110MPH on the straight so it was no...
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    The crimes committed behind closed doors

    Back in the day everything was fair game.....even "sunroofs"
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    Seat upholstery kits

    Sent you a FB message re the BRE spoiler.
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    SOLD: 1976 Datsun 280Z Cali Sunbaked Runs Drives $11,500

    Recent purchase of this 1976 280Z in Northern California that has been sitting since last year per the previous owner, it was running and driving when parked. This car has the original California blue and yellow plates which means that it has been in Cali since new. Per the previous owner...
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    What parts to import with a car?

    Check out my "Cali Punt" thread that I started, good info on repairing that center console....totally easy and a bit of fun as well.
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    What parts to import with a car?

    Looks like Andy at Auto Panel Solutions has 240 floors now.....maybe check to see if 280 floors are coming soon?
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    Runs bad since oil change

    Still sounds like main jet sticking on one of the will run better with the choke on......just double check. Check brake booster to see if it failed and is drawing air into the system.....just plug the vacuum hose to brake booster to confirm
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    Runs bad since oil change

    At the bottom of each carb is the main jet which fattens up when the choke is pulled.....sometimes they will stick like the choke is still set, shouldn't on a newer carb but you never know. With the choke off, reach under each carb and push up on the main jet to make sure it has returned up...
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    Project lhd to rhd Lsx v8 Swap

    Ideas on the suspension mods / brakes you will be using????? Great build BTW