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    Tyres ( rear )

    They're fine in hotter climates. I think we (the UK) just lost out because our market was too small to supply us a better option. They're okay on track because they get hot and last a long time.
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    Tyres ( rear )

    You'll like the rears so much you'll want to change the fronts. Those Bridgestones are awful when cold (more like plastic than rubber). I've Michelin on mine (can't for the life of me remember which version) but beware that you may not be able to match front to rear because not all tyres are...
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    Gearbox removal on Jack stands

    The advice I was given when I asked was that if lift the car high enough and you lie on your back that you can wrestle the gearbox out resting it on your belly and knees. I've not done it, but I think that's worthy of a YouTube video!
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    Some Restomod pictures and videos from some Japanese Magazines I recently acquired

    Thanks for continuing to post these up! 👍
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    Fuel sender units

    I think that's the key - the arm should have full travel in the tank and may need a tweak so it doesn't bind at any point. Once you have full travel, then a tweak of an adjustment screw might or might not be necessary.
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    Interesting 1972 Z…

    Like liquid gold!
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    I got mine from here --> Mine hasn't had as much use as I would like yet, but it's extremely well made and I'd recommend it.
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    Sunbaked '76 Cali 280z

    I collated some information from around the web about US and European cars breather hoses. You might find this thread useful -->
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    Lost the faith

    Really sorry to read about this. I've always liked the 510 and was waiting in anticipation for your thread to be updated. I hope this all ends as well as it can and all the grief is soon a distant memory.
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    Tyres cracking/perishing within a few years

    Interesting. I use 303 Aerospace Protectant on my tyres to make them 'more black' but I'm not sure if that's a good now reading about tyre dressings. That said. it protects from UV so I think I'll keep on using it. Fun fact - Lego makes more tyres than anyone else!
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    260Z 5 Speed Transmission

    Thanks for finding an alternative supplier. I was struggling to find one. Here are the links to that one: 2.5ltr currently £64.80 (inc. VAT) --> 1ltr currently £31.20 (inc. VAT) -->...
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    How many UK market 240Z survive today?

    Ah, fair point. I misread that as cars in the UK.
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    How many UK market 240Z survive today?

    You have to add imports onto that figure. Still not big numbers though. Makes me think mine should be seen more in public...