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    Help with diagnosing an nonworking aftermarket stereo

    Have you pulled it out of its slot to check the wiring at the rear of it? Is there an inline fuse that has gone, is 12volts going to the stereo and is there still an earth going to it? If you have power and an earth and the fuses are ok then it sounds like something internal to the unit has...
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    Strut brace (front) - problems fitting around airbox / anyone know of alternatives?

    If you are not in any particular hurry, T3 usually do black Friday deals, that's when i waited and bought mine but you'll have to wait till late November.
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    love it or list it

    Easy answer, it's time to sell.
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    State of that

    "Tremendous potential for restoration" :smoke:
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    What excites you about electric cars?

    Yes Franky, we have had it for about a year now and done 10,000miles. Its the long range version and we went to the Lake District in her for our summer hols. Finding super chargers is effortless as the navigation plans that all for you. When we do have to stop a 30 minute or more break is...
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    What excites you about electric cars?

    In the context of a Tesla eg,Model 3. The effortless speed, the technology - great display incorporating satnav, spotify etc.. and an awesome sound system. Easy to just jump in and go, fully charged every night. At first i didnt like it but i think that was my mindset not wanting to like it...
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    Does anyone have anything good to say about automatic gearbox ?

    I had a mad idea once to fit an auto tranny on my Z for drag racing. The idea was to fit one of these shifter kits to firm everything up.
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    This one won’t be Orange

    Great progress and quality of work Neil, this will be special! Looking forward to your take on how the power steering kit performs and learning if there is any noticeable delay in the GPS feedback. The one you have is on my wishlist.
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    Unknown switch on console

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    Stock spring specs.

    Did they give you the old ones back? Get both springs tested independently.
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    Never coming back

    Always liked the flying pig, isn't that what you affectionately called her Steve? Did Mike use to own her before you or memory failing? It is a shame.
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    Ebay Nissan Fairlady

    "There are no signs of any previous body repairs or welding patches". What about cutting in side markers, filling in mirrors and any emblem holes.
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    Car related Memes

    Thanks Ali, was my first time. :D Had to drill out a snapped m5 bolt ended retapping M6. 10 days of research.... Does this class as a meme? An old school one perhaps?
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    Car related Memes

    Love it that was me a few days ago...
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    Does anyone have anything good to say about automatic gearbox ?

    Mr. F (RIP) always said how great the B&M shift kit was on the autobox, he said it transformed them.