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    Chrome plating over plastic?

    Sorry, mean't to say, they do heaps of other products, rust removal, paint etc. Check out the site.
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    Chrome plating over plastic?

    Has anybody come across; Caswell Europe They do home chroming kits, I am planning to give them a call in the New Year (when I have a few bucks) to talk through my requirements - currently restoring a GS750 and I thoght these guys looked pretty good. :thumbs:
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    Another new member

    Welcome to the club Torby, Love the white car, looks just right.:thumbs: t
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    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Nov 6

    Planning to be on the balcony (above the breakfast tables overlooking the grid) at 10.00am.
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    New member

    Hi Peter, Welcome from up-over :) t
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    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Nov 6

    Hey, My son & myself have plans to go. Probably get there for 9.30ish t
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    Off for op tommorrrow

    Steve, glad all went well except for the discharge. So, doctors private life comes before patients well beeing, nothing changes :rolleyes:
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    12 Days of Christmas.

    Excellent idea. In a competition a few years ago, and we had to identify engine/exhaust sounds! - Try and Google that!
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    Off for op tommorrrow

    Good luck Steve, :thumbs: thinking of having my knees done, no real pain yet, just been 'squelching' for the past 10yrs+ :confused:
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    Hi JK, Just a few thoughts and you may had been thro' these, 1. Fluid level in clutch master cylinder 2. Transmission fluid level 3. When the engine/gearbox is cold, what is the travel length of the arm on the slave cylinder, I can check mine when I get home at the weekend and let you know. 4...
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    just chosen the colour for my 240

    Are you sure you want white with winter coming? A friend had a white Esprit, we came out the hotel one morning, and couldn't find the bleedin' thing, snow fall of about 2 ft. :D Having said that, the best bit was watching him clear the car (when found) in his wifes high heel boots - he said it...
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    -72 240z from Norway

    Welcome to the forum. Great looking, some real detail on the interior - can almost smell the leather :thumbs:
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    Marco Simoncelli RIP

    A tragic loss, our thoughts are with his family and friends. He was instantly recognisable, mass of curly hair and a sweat band, a real character and a talented driver. A moments thought must also be given to Colin Edwards & Valentino Rossi who must be going through their own 'hell' at being...
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    260Z Spoiler colour

    Hey, My '78 260 rear spoiler is a Charcoal metallic black, its started peeling off. It appears to be like a gel coat as it is 'splintering' off Best bet, take it too a professional sprayer to colour match and advise the type of coating. Be interested to know what the answer is :)
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    Tax exemption for Classic Cars

    Done. Count 8260 :thumbs: Will post on other forums to get the numbers up. t