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    370Z Roadster

    Yep. I've seen 2 coupes out and about on the road over the last couple of days, and they look really nice...
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    Dont make it harder...

    I feel for you - my Lexus went recently too - very upsetting (my primary commuting vehicle is now a bicycle), but at least I finally managed to sell my house in time to reprieve the Z - only problem now is that my new home has no garage to keep it in ... Anyway hope things go better for you...
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    370Z Roadster

    Just been looking at this one: 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster | Nissan USA Official Site Hmmm ....
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    finally got some pics of my car

    That made me chuckle - I remember my Dad having an old 1950s Bentley that was being kept in his lock up (as a restoration project) by someone, they only used to pull it in and out every now and then to get through with the forklift, and were constantly having to feed it another can of...
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    Gallery upload numpty

    When I got this issue ages back I found resizing the images to be a bit smaller (in MB i.e. file size) got this working ... Mike
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    Google Chrome

    This one has me intrigued ... Does anyone have any specific links to whatever this vulnerability is - I'm a bit sad when it comes to that kind of stuff - I'd quite like to understand the detail of the problem, and right now I can't see much indication from (for example) of how any...
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    best broadband !!!!!!!!

    Dunno about speed, but for reliability and service I've found these guys have been great: | The UK's highest rated ISP for Support & Customer Service | Home Mike
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    Project 630z - V8 powered Z32

    I thought you might have moved ... noticed there were no Z32s by the school in Ashby any more ... Mike
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    Le Mans Classic 2010

    Sean, I'm smack bang in the middle of moving house, job, country, etc. so it's hard to make a firm commitment to anything. Some of the following info would help me out: Approx. costs (broken down into tickets, camping, etc.) Dates My brother-in-law and I made a drunken promise to do this next...
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    Latest Aquisition!

    Pete, I'm sure we could squeeze it on my drive back in the UK - though my wife wouldn't be best pleased!!!:D Failing that ship it to where I am right now - there is a similar car retailing at 17995 not more than a mile from here ... Though given the luck I am having shifting my...
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    Z31 lookalike?

    That looks a lot like a Clan Crusader. A friend of my parents used to hillclimb one (imp engined I think), after he sold his Davrian. Mike
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    A nice sensible 4 seater family car!....

    I saw one a couple of years back, parked around the back of the Shelsley Walsh paddock. If I remember this cracked me up as a few mins after I took some snaps of it there was a tannoy announcement "Will the owner of car reg *** 506R please shift their car off the exit road" :rofl: I remember...
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    Evo Magazine This month's Evo magazine has a short feature on the 370Z (same pictures as in this thread off the Nissan Press site) in it, and an ad for a proper feature next month. Mike
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    Nope - was definitely not yours - he said it belonged to some chap called Neville (not sure if that was first name or surname?) with a fork lift truck company...
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    Hi Martin, Nice to meet you tonight - sorry for dashing off without chatting a bit longer - I'd got a bit carried away with nipping to the shops - I only live about a mile from that Tesco and it took me an hour and a quarter to drive there :D, and I was trying to get back in time for the kid's...