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    Zero rust, Highly modified, perfect 1976 280z for sale

    Lovely car! GLWTS
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    replacement battery

    Tanya Batteries typically offer the best value. I also have the Bosch S4 (albeit slightly smaller)
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    Part of a Porsche procession

    @Rushingphil - Must have been the same ones you saw!
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    Fun Hagerty Z vid.....

    I enjoyed that a lot - good detail with a good dose of humour
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    Bicester Scramble June 19th

    Weather turned out nice! Great turn out for Z's today, I think I counted 7
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    Bicester Scramble June 19th

    Looking for an extra ticket if anyone doesn't go :-)
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    Bicester Scramble June 19th

    I'll be attending - hopefully in the new toy unless the weather is bad (which currently looks like it!)
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    £150k 260z Doesn't even include the set of "Enkie":EXTRAlol: wheels.
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    New 240z poster...

    He's a great guy, love his work too
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    Is £849 a good price for BC Coilovers now?

    I bought BC Coilovers for around £875 from AutoExtreme during a Black Friday event. I have zero complaints with them, they're really good quality for the money. Wayne at AutoExtreme is also a super good guy to talk to, and it happens he is usually the cheapest too
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    Donington Historic Festival 2022

    Great photo! Was good to meet a few of you guys on Saturday, although it did feel a bit weird to be without a Z. Managed to park up on the Porsche stand a short walk from the ZClub so fortuantely it all worked out well. Rob, great work organising it, and nice to finally meet you!
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    Avocado Green 1972 UK RHD 240z Project

    I agree! ;)
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    SOLD: 1972 RB25 Datsun 240z

    I don't believe so - I did tell him about it, and he does own a few Datsun's already, but I didn't get the impression he was going to be. Probably for the best, I'd struggle to see it on here! I will take you up on that! Thanks, it was a great car. It did need some work doing, and I tried...
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    SOLD: 1972 RB25 Datsun 240z

    Thanks all, it was a fun little car. I clearly priced it too low as I've had multiple people sending me PMs asking to pay the asking price (and more!) despite the advert only being posted here. Oh well. I will begin an updated thread soon with my new project!
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    Project lhd to rhd Lsx v8 Swap

    Hey Ash! Glad to see you on here. Looking forward to seeing it finished ;-)